Single Car Accident

Passenger Injury or Death in a Single Car Accident

Almost twenty percent of all car accidents with fatalities only involve one vehicle according to the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS). When this happens, the driver in these accidents is almost always considered at fault. Passengers in this situation may be entitled to compensation for lost wages, pain and suffering, or other expenses incurred. An attorney in Southwest Florida who specializes in car crashes and liability can help you understand your rights.

Avoiding Single Car Accidents as a Passenger

As a passenger in a vehicle, there are some things you can do to help avoid accidents. First, make sure it is safe for the driver to be on the roads. If the driver is intoxicated or exhausted you are allowing everyone to be put at risk. Second, do not distract the driver or allow the driver to become distracted. As a passenger, you can demand a driver not interact with electronic devices while driving. Finally, be observant of the road and your surroundings. Many accidents happen at night and in poor weather. Help the driver recognize hazards on the road. By taking a pro-active approach to being a passenger, you can make a difference.

While nobody likes being in any kind of an accident, single car accidents can be especially frustrating. Most likely as a driver, the insurance company is going to blame you. Many times if the driver would have been driving more carefully, these types of accidents could have been avoided. It is understandable placing the blame on the driver although this is not always fair. Regardless of how fair it is to blame the driver, as a passenger you need to know your rights.

Know Your Rights as a Passenger in Someone Else’s Car

As a passenger in a single car accident in Southwest Florida, you need to understand if you are insured under the policy of the driver involved in the single-car crash. Typically, people related to the driver would be considered insured under their policy. If you are not insured under the policy of the driver, you may be able to make a third party insurance claim. This type of claim will allow you to pursue compensation from the driver’s insurance company.

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