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        Thank you again for everything you did for me. Your compassion and concern was greatly appreciated. I have all the faith in the world with you by my side. If ever I know someone who needs an attorney, I will recommend your office. Everyone I had dealings with was very professional. Good job.

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        Southwest Florida Bus Accident Lawyers

        Serving Fort Myers, Cape Coral, Lehigh Acres, Lee County, Naples, Collier County,  Port Charlotte, and Charlotte County, FL

        Bus accidents are unfortunately a too common occurrence. People make errors all the time. When you are on the road, one small error can cause a major accident. These accidents can result in severe injury.

        If you are here reading this, you are likely suffering a severe injury from a bus accident. You may be worried about a lot of different things. Your health is one thing that you are likely very worried about. You may have been injured so badly that you can’t live like you used to before the accident. Your finances may even be in danger if you are receiving expensive medical care. This can be a very scary time for anyone going through this.

        Our Southwest Florida bicycle accident lawyers can make this better for you. Our free legal advice can guide you towards a better future.

        We never charge you anything upfront. We will provide you with a free consultation when you call us for the first time.

        Next you will read a story about a former client of ours so you can learn about how these cases work. Then we will guide you through some of the biggest mistakes you could make early on in your claim. Read until the end to get all of this information.

        Florida Bus Accident Client Story

        To protect the identity of our client, names and circumstances have been changed. After you read through this client’s story, please call and set up a free consultation with us right away.

        Janine was waiting at the bus stop to get on her way home from work. She was looking forward to getting a dinner set up for her kids. She had two boys, ages 7 and 10 waiting at home for her. They promised her they would take out the chicken to thaw when they got home from school. She hoped this was true.

        As she hopped on the bus and waited for her stop, she was thinking of her ever-growing to do list. Evan, her 7 year old, needed a ride to lacrosse early tomorrow. She would have to be up well before dawn to get the kids ready. Stephen, her 10 year old, would have to come with them in the morning if he wanted to be dropped off at his friend’s house for a pool party. Her husband Fred would have to take on pick-up duty so she could pick up another shift at the store. Money was tight for them.

        When the bus made it to her stop, Janine got up to get off. She was only a few blocks from home now and was thinking about the chicken she hoped was thawing on the counter right now. She stepped down off the bus with her hand on the rail when suddenly she felt pressure on her forearm. She thought maybe someone was grabbing her.

        She jerked her arm back but realized the distracted bus driver closed the door on her arm. With her feet on the pavement but her arm stuck in the door, she frantically tried to get the driver’s attention. It was a few yards of driving before Janine and the other passengers on the bus could get his attention.

        The damage was already done.

        Janine’s shoulder was in terrible pain. In the frenzy after the accident, and a woman on the bus trying to distract her from the trauma of what just happened, she could only think of her family. She needed to be there for them. The idea that she might not be able to care for them was horrible.

        She ended up having a dislocated shoulder and there was nerve damage. It would take a good amount of physical therapy to get her back to full health.

        Janine was a woman who took swift action. She was on the phone right away with our office after a quick search on the internet led her to our website. We had her set up for a free consultation right away.

        It was easy to tell Janine just wanted what was best for her family. She knew that this claim was going to be what was best. We felt compelled to help her protect her family.

        She had three main questions for us during her free consultation:

        1. What do I need to pay right now to begin my case?
        2. Is this going to be a long process?
        3. How much am I going to end up with?

        In this next section, we are going to go over how we answered these questions for Janine. You may have the very same questions about your own bus accident claim.

        What do I need to pay right now to begin my case?

        Janine explained to us that money was so tight right now. She expressed her concerns that Evan was going to have to forgo his lacrosse season with how much these medical bills were going to run her and Fred.

        She had tears in her eyes explaining to us that she hadn’t told Evan this yet because she didn’t want him to have to go through too much at once with his mom hurt.

        “How much is this going to cost me?” she asked.

        It was good to see her relief when we explained to her that our Southwest Florida bus accident lawyers work on a contingency fee basis.

        “A contingency fee basis means that you only get paid when the case wins.” We explained.

        Janine was not going to have to give us a penny from her pocket to get our representation.

        “Oh, thank God,” she said as she sighed with relief.

        It was a wonderful moment when she realized she was going to be able to get our support without having to worry about coming up with the money for our representation.

        Is this going to be a long process?

        The next thing that Janine wanted to know was how long it would take to get her compensation.

        You could almost see the list of things she needed to worry about being written behind her eyes. She was anxious about this.

        We wished we could tell her that she will get the results she deserves very quickly, but that’s not always how these cases work.

        Instead, we explained to her that we needed her to get as recovered as she possibly could. The results of her case hinged on her recovery.

        She nodded. “Then we can finish the case?” she asked.

        “Then we will see how willing the insurance company is to cooperate,” we told her.

        We explained to her that the insurance company is not on our side. They do not want to cough up the compensation that she deserves. If they were not reasonable, then we would have to navigate through negotiations. If they did not come to us with a fair offer, we could take them all the way to trial.

        “I don’t really want to do that…” Janine looked concerned.

        “Most cases don’t end up in trial, but we still want to be ready just in case,” we explained to her.

        It ended up that we did not need to go to trial to get her compensation from the insurance company. Janine was relieved.

        How much am I going to end up with?

        At the end of our first consultation, we asked her if she wanted to know anything else before we got started working on this case for her.

        She wanted to know if we could tell her how much compensation she would receive. She had seen a lot of commercials about personal injuries and the money they won for others. She was curious.

        We told her that in order to give her an accurate calculation of her case, we would need to do thorough investigation.

        We needed to know how much money she spent on medical bills. We needed to figure out how much money she was expected to continue to put into her medical recovery.

        On top of that, we would have to see how long she suffered because of her injuries.

        Her recovery took a few months.

        We also explained to Janine that, in order to give her full justice, we were going to have to wait until the doctor told her she has reached maximum medical recovery.

        Only then will we know that her healing process is over and we should not expect any more medical bills.

        She ended our first consultation looking satisfied.

        Bus Accident Claim Mistakes to Avoid

        We want you to be very aware of the potential mistakes you could make after your accident so you do not have to face the consequences of them. Heed our warnings. The following are mistakes you should avoid making at all costs.

        Waiting to See a Doctor

        As you well know, immediately following an accident, you are going to be filled with adrenaline. This adrenaline does a great job at masking pain. It is up to you to understand that you are to seek medical attention regardless of how you feel right after the accident. Relying on the false sense of wellbeing that the adrenaline gives you is a big mistake.

        It does not make you weak to go see a doctor. You should not pretend that you are alright if you have even the slightest inkling that you are hurt. Odds are the injuries are far worse than you could have initially imagined.

        We want you to take care of yourself. That should be your number one priority. You will be ensuring your speedy recovery. You will also be ensuring you have medical records as proof of your injury to show the insurance company what your damages are.

        Not Listening to Your Doctors

        If your doctor gave you follow-up care instructions, you need to listen to it. They are looking out for your best interest. These instructions are meant to keep you on track to a speedy recovery.

        We understand that life sometimes gets in the way. Do your best to follow their advice as closely as you can. It will help your case as well as your health.

        You may not know that the insurance companies often hire private investigators. If a P.I. catches you on video doing something your doctor specifically told you not to, you can bet they will use this against you. This will be all the ammo they need to reduce your compensation award.

        Giving a Recorded Statement to the Insurance Company

        You can expect that you will receive phone calls from the insurance company that represents the liable party. This will begin not too long after you are involved in the accident. They will be reaching out to you to try and convince you to provide a recorded statement.

        It might be in your nature to be cooperative with the people who are ultimately going to be giving you your compensation award. They do a good job at getting you to think they are on your side. Do not believe them. All they care about is saving money on your case.

        We don’t want you to make the mistake of giving them a recorded statement. This is a mistake because they are trained to get you to say things that could ruin your case. We want you to avoid this fate.

        They have gone through training with their company to become talented at getting you to say the right things. They make you think that your cooperation will assist them in resolving your case. They are not to be trusted.

        You do not have any legal obligation to talk to them.

        When they start reaching out to you, you are allowed to say no and simply hang up. Do not worry about sounding rude. You are protecting your rights by doing this.

        Waiting to Hire a Lawyer

        There is a lot to think about after you are involved in a bus accident. Making sure you prioritize finding the right lawyer is going to be important. In Florida, you have four years to file your claim. This seems like a long time. It definitely is. But waiting to hire a lawyer for four years comes with a lot of risks.

        Your evidence can disappear. You could be unable to locate any witnesses. This makes our case much harder.

        If you have just been involved in an accident, make sure you prioritize reaching out to a bus accident lawyer.

        If you let this fall off your list of priorities, time can get away from you and before you know it, it’s too late to bring your case.

        We don’t want this to happen to you. Contact us right away. Your first consultation is free.

        Hiring the Wrong Lawyer

        One of the worst mistakes we see people make is they go with a lawyer who is not going to get them the best results.

        Not all lawyers are going to be able to get the best possible results out of the insurance company.

        If you were looking for someone to perform surgery on you, you are going to want someone you know will do the best possible job. You would likely research surgeons near you. You would want to know that they have done this surgery successfully before. You would ideally pick someone who specializing in your particular surgery. If you were getting heart surgery, you would not be looking for orthopedic surgeons.

        The same reasoning applies when selecting a lawyer. You are not going to want a divorce lawyer to try and tackle your bus accident case. You are going to make sure that you have a lawyer who specializes in handling bus accident cases. You should be looking to see that they have a track record of success.

        You get one opportunity to get justice for your case. Choose your lawyer carefully.

        You should also consider hiring trial lawyers specifically. The benefit of having a trial lawyer is that your results are far more likely to be full and fair. Trial lawyers do not back down. They know they can push the insurance company to give them the results they want. Insurance companies know who these lawyers are and are more likely to be reasonable. Insurance companies do not want cases to go all the way to trial. The jury doesn’t care that the insurance company wants to save money on your case. They care about justice.

        Call Our Southwest Florida Bus Accident Lawyers Today

        After reading through this, we hope you feel like you know a lot more about your bus accident claim. We hope this helps you feel more confident in the process that is ahead of you. With the help of our Southwest Florida bus accident lawyers, you will get the best possible results. Call us right away to set up a free consultation.

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        We have used Goldstein, Buckley, Cechman, Rice & Purtz in the past and presently and they always provide great customer service. They are very knowledgeable and thorough in their representation and always go the extra mile to make sure we’re represented fairly. Highly recommend!

        Nick A.

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