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Income Based Medical Care and Prescription Assistance :

  • Doctors: Family Health Center is based on a sliding scale. Your charge is based upon your income and depending on your income the cost may be free. The main number is (239)332-0471. When you talk to the scheduler ask where the nearest location is to you.
  • Medications: All of the pharmaceutical manufacturers offer programs for people who do not have health insurance or cannot afford their medications. Patients can find out through their pharmacy who the manufacturer is and normally the pharmacies have the 1-800 number to call. Most doctors are aware of these programs and their staff can assist you in finding the telephone numbers or giving you the forms you may need to fill out. All of the companies are able to be located on the Internet.
  • Family Health Center has a pharmacy on Grande Avenue in Fort Myers. When you see a doctor through the Family Health Center make sure you can tell them that you will be getting your medications through the Grande Pharmacy and tell the doctor to please make sure that Grande carries the medication. If not, ask the doctor to substitute medications for medications that are carried at the Grande Pharmacy. The usual cost is $12-$15 per prescription.
  • Once seen at the Family Health Center you can also purchase medications at the Lee County Health Bureau. Their pharmacy has a limited inventory of medications. The usual cost is comparable to Grande Pharmacy.
  • County Health Departments provide medical treatment based on a sliding scale. Clinic fees are based on income and family size at the initial visit and annually updated.

Prescription Assistance :

  • Family Health Center (239) 332-0417
  • Lehigh Community Service (239) 369-5818
  • Medicare 800-MEDICARE
  • Medicaid (239) 936-5000
  • Part B Customer Service 800-333-7586

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