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        Thank you again for everything you did for me. Your compassion and concern was greatly appreciated. I have all the faith in the world with you by my side. If ever I know someone who needs an attorney, I will recommend your office. Everyone I had dealings with was very professional. Good job.

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        Southwest Florida Pedestrian Accident Lawyers

        Serving Fort Myers, Cape Coral, Lehigh Acres, Lee County, Naples, Collier County,  Port Charlotte, and Charlotte County, FL

        What should have been a quick walk to the store can turn into a life changing event when a driver is not paying attention. Pedestrian accidents are a frequent occurrence in Florida.

        If you’ve reached this page, odds are you or some you know has been seriously hurt. After a pedestrian accident, it is normal to feel like your life will never go back to normal. These accidents can take away so much from you. You can lose money because of your injuries. You can also lose a lot of what makes life good. If you are looking for justice, you are not alone.

        Our Southwest Florida pedestrian accident lawyers can guide you to justice. We would be happy to meet with you for a free consultation.

        We are available to injured people in our community searching for justice for their cases.

        Getting our service will not cost you anything. You will be able to secure our representation without spending anything out of pocket.

        In the following sections, you will learn some of the most common mistakes people tend to make in pedestrian accident cases.

        Then, you will get to know one of our former clients. Read until the end to hear their story and how we helped them get justice.

        Common Pedestrian Accident Claim Mistakes You Need to Avoid

        Before you get started in your case, we want you to be aware of a few things that you need to avoid doing. You are going to save yourself a lot of heartache when you heed our warnings. These are the most common pedestrian accident claim mistakes:

        Not Going to the Doctor

        Immediately following your accident, you need to make sure that the first action you take is getting yourself to a doctor.

        If you were in a severe enough accident, you will likely experience the sensation of adrenaline.

        Adrenaline can mask pain really well. You should not take this to mean that you are not hurt.

        Going to a doctor right away ensures that you are on the right track to recovery. It also ensures that we have medical documentation to use as evidence for your case.

        When you don’t see a doctor right away, the insurance company will say that you are not as hurt as you claim to be. That will greatly diminish the value of your claim if they believe you are lying about how hurt you are.

        This is a simple solution. Get yourself to the doctor immediately following your pedestrian accident.

        Not Taking Your Doctor’s Advice

        You need to listen to your doctors when they give you advice. They are looking out for your best interest. They want to see that you recover as quickly as possible.

        When you ignore your doctors, not only are you putting your wellbeing at risk, but you are also giving the insurance company a reason to reduce your case value.

        When insurance companies are up against a pedestrian accident claim, it is common for them to send private investigators to spy on the injured person.

        If a private investigator catches you on camera doing something you are not supposed to be doing, this can damage your case.

        An example would be if you were told not to lift anything over a certain weight, but the investigator snapped a photo of you picking up a large bag of dog food, this can harm your case.

        Talking to the Liable Party’s Insurance Company

        As you may have gathered, these insurance companies are no friends to you. Their main goal is to save themselves money. They have tricks up their sleeves to accomplish this.

        They will be reaching out to you shortly after your accident in hopes of collecting a recorded statement from you.

        You are allowed to hang up on them. There is nothing in the law that states you must speak to them. They are not owed a recorded statement.

        You may be under the impression that talking to them will help you resolve your case sooner.

        This is not true.

        Talking to the insurance company means that you are giving them an opportunity to gain leverage over you for your claim.

        Let’s say you do speak to them. They are trained to get answers from you which would hurt your side of the claim and strengthen theirs.

        Do not let their friendly demeanor fool you. They don’t want to give you justice. They want to make a profit. That means they need to short you on your compensation.

        Waiting too Long to Hire a Lawyer

        Florida state law gives you a limited amount of time to file a claim. You are going to legally be allowed to bring a claim within four years of the date of the pedestrian accident.

        If you attempt to call a lawyer after these four years have lapsed, you will never be allowed to pursue justice.

        Even if you waited a few years to talk to a lawyer, by then any evidence will likely be gone. You may never be able to track down your witnesses. You would be starting your case off on an uphill battle.

        When you reach out to a lawyer right away, you are ensuring that you have the best fighting chance to succeed.

        Generally speaking, the sooner you speak to a lawyer about your case, the better off you will be. You are also less likely to make mistakes when you have a lawyer early on.

        Choosing the Wrong Lawyer

        Think of hiring a lawyer like you would anything else that requires a specialist.

        Let’s say you found out you needed heart surgery. This is something you get one shot at getting right. It is a critical surgery. A lot is on the line.

        Would you hire a knee surgeon or would you specifically pick someone who does heart surgeries like the one you need? It seems like a clear choice.

        If you would not hire the knee surgeon for your heart surgery, do not settle for the divorce attorney to handle your pedestrian accident claim.

        While that divorce attorney might be great when you are in a tough custody battle, they might not be the right person to be in your corner when the insurance company has you backed into a corner trying to get you to take a settlement award that is too low to be fair.

        When you are deciding who you would like to represent your case, you should keep a few things in mind.

        You want to know that they have a track record of success specifically with handling personal injury cases.

        You need to be able to trust that they are going to give you the results you deserve. When your lawyer has as much passion about your results as you do, you know you are in good hands. They should care just as much as you do about your results.

        Our Southwest Florida pedestrian accident lawyers would love to hear from you today to set up a free consultation.

        Florida Pedestrian Accident Client Story

        Names and circumstances have been changed to protect our client’s identity.

        By telling you about our client Luke, we hope you learn more about what a pedestrian accident claim process looks like. At the end of this story, you will see the questions we helped answer for Luke.

        Luke and his brother were driving down the highway headed home from a concert. It was late at night and they were about a half an hour away from their house. At the time, Luke was 21 years old and his brother Caleb was 19. They were driving their parent’s minivan.

        This van had seen a lot of trips in their day.

        The concert was an hour away from them. They went and had an amazing time.

        As they were headed down the highway, Luke felt a huge bump. He looked over at his brother and nervously laughed.

        “I hope that wasn’t an animal,” he said.

        They kept driving for a few more miles when Caleb noted to Luke that the tire sounded strange.

        As they drove on, Luke determined that they definitely had a flat tire.

        He pulled the van onto the shoulder of the highway and called his parents.

        They told him to use his AAA card and get some roadside assistance if there was a flat tire.

        Luke stepped out of the vehicle and made his was around the car. The back tire on the passenger side had gone complete flat. He bent down to examine the wheel with his phone flashlight to see if there was any indication of what they had hit.

        As he was bent over on the side of the road, he noticed a car barreling down the highway. It was too late for him to jump out of the way.

        A sedan crashed into the minivan. Caleb was seated in the front seat with his seatbelt on. He suffered no injury. Luke was not so lucky. In the collision, the sedan crashed into him.

        Caleb jumped out of the car to find Luke unconscious. His injuries were critical. He was rushed to the nearest emergency room. They put him in the ICU where he spent the night undergoing emergency surgery and the next week in recovery.

        Lucky to be alive, but debilitated by his injuries, Luke wanted justice. His parents helped him find our website and brought him to his first free consultation with us.

        Luke was in rough shape. We weren’t sure at the time if he was ever going to walk again.

        There were three things that Luke and his parents needed to know during our first meeting:

        1. What do we have to pay to hire a lawyer?
        2. When will we receive this compensation?
        3. How much will my compensation be for?

        You likely have the same questions if you are in a similar spot that Luke was during that first meeting. Here is what we told him.

        What do we have to pay to hire a lawyer?

        Luke and his parents were good people. They wanted to make sure they had the best possible representation. His parents were willing to move mountains to make sure their son got justice. They were out for blood.

        When they asked us, checkbook ready, how much it would cost to have our representation, we told them it would not cost a penny upfront.

        They looked surprised. They had heard that lawyers were expensive. They certainly knew that their neighbor’s divorce had cost a pretty penny.

        We told them that our Southwest Florida pedestrian accident lawyers work on a contingency fee basis. That means that we do not get paid unless we win the case.

        From the compensation award, we receive a small portion of that to cover the costs of the case and to pay for our representation.

        Luke in turn looked relieved. He told us he did not want to trouble his parents any more than he already had.

        That was tough to hear.

        We knew we had to do right by this sweet family. After all the heartache they went through, they deserved their justice.

        When will we receive this compensation?

        After we chatted about the accident itself, Luke asked us when we should expect a result.

        “This is probably costing you guys a small fortune,” he said glumly to his parents.

        His mom reached out to pat his hand soothingly, “Don’t you fret about that.”

        You could see the slight worry behind his father’s eyes though.

        We assured them that the results would come as soon as we knew his recovery was done with.

        “I don’t know if I’ll ever  recover,” said Luke.

        We then explained to him that even if he were never to return to the health he was before, his doctor at some point would tell him that he reached maximum medical recovery.

        This is a state of improvement where the doctors determine that you are as good as you are going to get.

        It turned out after 8 months that Luke was quite the fighter. He was walking again within the year. It was nothing short of a miracle. He would be expected to feel lingering pain possibly for the rest of his life from some of the nerve damage, but everyone was thrilled to see how much he improved.

        How much will my compensation be for?

        “Do you know how much this case is worth?” Luke asked us toward the end of the meeting.

        We told him that we unfortunately wouldn’t know that for quite some time.

        Again, we explained we needed to know how much treatment he was going to need before we could accurately say what his case was worth.

        We assured Luke and his parents that their patience would be worth it.

        We never want to end a case before we know our client is finished healing. It is extremely important not to rush into a settlement. This ensures that don’t miss any compensation that our clients may be entitled to.

        They understood that Luke had a difficult road ahead of him with his recovery. They also agreed it was best they wait until we knew how much treatment he was going to need before we start talking about settling the case.

        It was a good thing, too, because six months past his surgery, Luke was in a lot of pain and it turned out a cast was not enough for his broken leg. They ended up having to go in for another surgery.

        Had we tried to settle before this, the surgery would not have been included in his compensation award.

        Not only did we want to know about his medical recovery journey, but we also needed to know long term, how much this accident was going to affect Luke’s life.

        He was a young kid. He was supposed to get back to college soon, but he was on medical leave. All of this derailed his life. We wanted to make sure that we understood the full extent of the effects he was living through before we promised him a compensation award.

        Before long, Luke and his parents were awarded full and fair justice.

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        We have used Goldstein, Buckley, Cechman, Rice & Purtz in the past and presently and they always provide great customer service. They are very knowledgeable and thorough in their representation and always go the extra mile to make sure we’re represented fairly. Highly recommend!

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