Pedestrian Accident Claim Going to Trial

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Will my pedestrian accident claim go to trial?


Your pedestrian accident injury claim may or may not need to go to trial. It certainly depends upon the factors involved in a case, including who was at fault for the crash or if there is shared responsibility between the automobile driver and the pedestrian. Those are arguments that insurance companies like to have many times in pedestrian accident cases to try and save themselves some money, to be completely honest with you. Your pedestrian accident injury case also involves your damages, your medical expenses, both in the past and what you’re going to need in the future, your wage losses, your loss of future earning capacity, and then certainly those intangible or non-economic damages, your pain and suffering and how the accident has affected you and continues to affect you.

There are certain points in times where if we put together the right information early on with you in your pedestrian accident injury case, we can get a good and substantial offer from the insurance companies. There are other times where insurance companies simply don’t play fair because they want to make you work through the process. That’s where getting qualified attorneys, like us at Goldstein Buckley Cechman, Rice & Purtz, onboard to handle your case and help you navigate those waters can work to seek maximum value for you, whether that be early on in the case, some point in time in the middle, or through the trial of your pedestrian accident injury case. It all is based upon what you and what we can work to put together with you to seek full justice in your case.

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