Goldstein, Buckley, Chechman, Rice & Purtz, P.A. client reviews


Goldstein, Buckley, Chechman, Rice & Purtz, P.A. client reviews


Goldstein, Buckley, Chechman, Rice & Purtz, P.A. client reviews



Our customers share their experiences with our firm.

How do you choose the right lawyer? It feels like a monumental decision, and rightly so! Strong credentials matter, but when deciding which law firm to work with, what our clients say matters too. We hope their words bring you encouragement and confidence as you make this important decision.

5 out of 5 stars based on 262 user reviews.

5  Debz Wood via

I highly recommend Chris Smith and his team . I just settled my case on a car accident and I felt confident having Chris Smith represent me. He knows his stuff.

5 Valerie johnson via

If I could give more stars I would! I am so thankful for Andrea Smith for everything she did for me regarding two of my accident cases. She always had answers for me and explained all the details to me in ways I can understand them, she never rushed off the phone always asking if I had any more questions. She jumped through hoops to help me and I can’t say thank you enough! I not only want to thank Andrea but also the whole firm including Amy and Candy who would return my calls when Andrea couldn’t and they had all the answers I needed. I highly recommend Goldstein, Buckley, Cechman, Rice and Purtz to EVERYONE! Thank you again everyone I am so grateful for all of you.

5 Dina Flores-Staniec via

5 Jenna Calderon via

The best law firm around!

5 Brittnie Nickole Mansperger via Facebook logo


5 Thess Mamites Miro via Facebook logo

They will help you and work with you the best lawyers in town

5 Tremay2022 Llc via

5 Geo P via

Erin and the team were super friendly and understanding since the day I called for my auto accident. They referred me to a chiropractor and took care of any questions or concerns that I had. Great team 👍🏻

5 Debz Wood via

I highly recommend Chris Smith and his team . I just settled my case on a car accident and I felt confident having Chris Smith represent me. He knows his stuff.

5 Valerie johnson via

If I could give more stars I would! I am so thankful for Andrea Smith for everything she did for me regarding two of my accident cases. She always had answers for me and explained all the details to me in ways I can understand them, she never rushed off the phone always asking if I had any more questions. She jumped through hoops to help me and I can’t say thank you enough! I not only want to thank Andrea but also the whole firm including Amy and Candy who would return my calls when Andrea couldn’t and they had all the answers I needed. I highly recommend Goldstein, Buckley, Cechman, Rice and Purtz to EVERYONE! Thank you again everyone I am so grateful for all of you.

5 Dina Flores-Staniec  via

5 Jenna Calderon via

The best law firm around!

5 Michael Rachel via

Caring people who know what they’re doing and know how to keep you in the loop. They helped me win a settlement when the “world’s largest personal injury law firm” (their words, not mine) abandoned me after a year of non-action, poor contact and overall indifference about my needs and concerns

5 Ray Milligan via

Great professionals!! Would go nowhere else

5 Greg Nelson via

5 Monica Santos via

I can’t say enough good things about this firm. They have proven to be a remarkable team. My lawyer Eve Volkmann is amazing, she really fights for her clients. She has an amazing staff of paralegals. Juanita, Candy and Brandy all really went above and beyond for me in my case. Always keeping me updated and well informed on the proceedings of my case. I couldn’t have gotten through this without them. I am so grateful to have had them represent me.

5 Paul S via

I had an accident that broke my humerus which resulted in multiple operations for 2 1/2 years. GBC Law was highly recommended and Atty Chris Smith became my lead attorney. There were factors involved that needed very careful evaluation and Atty Smith was without a doubt the most laser focused, detail driven, factually prepared person I have ever seen.
Chris had complete control of the case against the opposing attorneys resulting in a very successful settlement.
Absolutely recommend GBC Law if you want the best results.

5 Christopher Smith via

5 Priscilla Flynn via

I sustained a fractured sternum when a vehicle ran a red light and totalled my van.  I was apprehensive about retaining legal advice however I am thankful several coworkers and my chiropractor encouraged it.  After speaking with Chris Smith I was relieved to put everything in the firm’s hands. Having experts take care of all medical billing and insurance claims gave me confidence and peace throughout the process.  I am thankful to God for His protection and provision and for the blessing of the of this law firm on my behalf. In particular Candy Carmona for patiently and professionally helping me navigate through the aftermath. This law firm made a scary and stressful time easier for me and my family.

5 Laurie M. via

In June 2022 was in a car crash caused by another driver. I suffered a fractured sternum and my car was totaled. Before my first consultation I was concerned that my case might be too small or unimportant, that the firm might be uninterested, because I was unsure whether the amount of money from a settlement or lawsuit would be worth their time. The legal services I received from this firm resulted in a settlement in early 2023 that was agreeable to me. I was treated with the utmost courtesy and respect at every turn. They handled everything for me, keeping me updated whenever necessary. They were on top of every detail. The result was a settlement which I could not have achieved on my own. I would definitely recommend Goldstein, Buckley to friends.

5 amin hamici via

Had a really bad jaw injury and Mr smith made sure to set everything straight ! Best attorney ever I wouldn’t chose anyone else

5 Matthew Young via

I can’t say enough about the professionalism of Mr. Purtz, Mr. Smith and all other members of their staff as they guided me through my claim with solid support, advice, and really anything I needed along the way. I would highly recommend GBCRP  to anyone that may be in need of their services. Great lawyers, great service, and more importantly great people. My family and I can’t thank you enough! Well done!!!!

5 Tracy White via

I HIGHLY recommend GBCRP Firm. The lawyers and staff at both locations were so nice and respectful. I would like to specifically thank Mrs. Eve Volkmann. She went over and beyond my expectations, to make sure I received what I was owed.

5 Cleef Joseph via

Goldstein buckley is the Best experience with a layer I ever had they took care of me and my case every step of the way I can’t complain i would recommend anyone to them any day of the week easily. Thank you guy’s do much for everything.

5 Robin Smith via

Hurricane Ian left us dealing with a homeowners insurance claim like many Floridians.  After 60 days of no communication since filing the claim we decided to take action and reached out to Attorney Richard Purtz and his law firm.  Immediately, Attorney Purtz assured us he would handle our claim and deal with the insurance company; which he did and it took a huge relief off from our minds.  I am happy to report that not only did we get mental relief, within a few of months (with holidays included in this time period) we are receiving payment we deserve from our insurance company without having any mediation or litigation hearings.  Look no further if you are seeking a compassionate, honest, reasonably priced law firm that is also great at communication and gets the job done!  We will definitely be spreading the word about this firm.  Attorney Purtz told us his firm wanted to help Hurricane Ian victims deal with insurance claims at a reasonable rate and I assure you…..he did exactly as he said.

5 Karen Ruiz via

I had a car accident and the only thing I thought about was what was going to happen to me after that accident with a 9 month old baby and almost unable to move, my neck and my back hurt with every movement but I got to GBCRP with the help of Candy and the lawyer Purtz today everything is solved they were very kind, attentive and helped me achieve much more than I expected. thanks again

5 caroline deprez via

They know what they are doing !!! Very happy so far

5 RuthE Von Gunten-Persad via

December 5, 2021 I was involved in an accident. I was T-boned.I needed help, a friend gave me the firm’s number and who to speak with. From the initial call, I felt completely comfortable. I had someone watching out for me. The other party wasn’t properly insured so it fell back on my Ins. Company.
Taking care of me was most important. They had me lined up with Physical Therapy, X-Rays, Massage and chiropractic care. The healing process was slow but necessary and I grew stronger.
I was able to work on getting better so that I could learn my new physical limits. This was part of my healing process and I figured out quickly what I needed to do. I just need to be me.
I worked with Candy Carmona who heard me when I spoke with her. She always took or returned my calls. I appreciate her being in my corner, helping me get a better settlement and before Christmas.

5 Ann Dalia via

Everyone at Goldstein, Buckley have been extremely supportive and helpful.  It was a very difficult time in my life and it was great to know I had a good team to help me .

5 Leslie Medina via

5 Lisa Kinser  via

5 Devite Daviso via

5 Linda Gatz via

My husband was rear ended while stopped in 2017 with what was thought to be minor injuries according to the Emergency Room. Within a couple of months one of the injuries flared up and he required surgery, hospitalization, immobilization and a life long prognosis of limitations. This diagnosis took several months and stretched into years. One day my husband saw a billboard add with Goldstein, Buckley, Cechman, Rice & Purtz and he called the number. Mr. Richard Purtz answered the phone on a Saturday which was very impressive. After a consultation in the office Mr Purtz said he would represent us. It took several months and Mr Purtz felt the case needed to go to a possible trial. We were referred to the trial attorney Mr Christopher Smith. After sever consultations with Mr Smith we headed into litigation. Mediation took place and Mr Smith settled the suit very skillfully. We were more than happy with the outcome. Many thanks to Goldstein, Buckley, Cechman, Rice & Purtz! We highly recommend them for their outstanding professionalism and service.

5 Danielle James-Coviello via

Mr. Purtz & Carleen M. are outstanding! Very accommodating, wonderful with explanation of the processes & very kind!

5 Patrick Kavanaugh via

I worked with various attorneys at G.B.C.R.&P. who were extremely helpful with respect to Trust and Estate issues, sale of property, and a fraudulent insurance settlement. The attorneys and their respective staff always kept me informed and updated throughout the process.

5 Laura Graham via

5  Linda Smalley via

I find the attorneys helpful and attentive. The administrative assistants make sure nothing gets done on time and accurately.

5 Alberto Carmona via

Candy was helpful and very professional! Thank you


5 lynne tillman via

I was injured in a car accident in September of 2018 and was working with an attorney for years when my case was dropped.
The statute of limitations was about up, and I could not find another attorney in short notice.
I was ready to give up when I called Goldstein, Buckley, Chechman, Rice $ Purtz.   Feeling discouraged at this point, Chris Smith advised me not to give up.   I was so amazed by what they could do for me.   I finally felt like I had a voice and a group of true professionals that could truly advocate for me. The attention they paid to my case was amazing and I finally felt hopeful for a positive outcome.  A positive outcome is exactly what happened.  I was so surprised and relieved when they told me what my settlement was.
I cannot say enough good things about this team of attorneys, and I feel blessed every day that they were on my side….. Lynne Tillman

5 Damaris Rivera via

Definitely will recommend this law firm.
They are amazing .
They help make sure we was well taken care of they handle a case for my son and did everything they could. Communication was everything. Kind and professional .
If you are looking for an amazing team and someone that cares. This is the law firm for you

5 Alessandra Molina via

This Law Firm is Amazing and very recommendable. Their staffs are all friendly, professional and accommodating. 😀👍For Atty. Purtz, I personally thank you for your continuous hard work towards my case. Erin and Monneth too did a very good job by communicating to me when needed. Patience is the key here. I just leave it to them and believe that my case will be a success. God bless this Law Firm🙏

5 aurelio nepomuceno via

5 Ercile Denis via

Highly recommend this law firm ! The paralegal team Lily and Erin are top tier , they have effective communication and did their best to get me a great settlement for my case. My lawyer Richard has decades of experience and knows what he’s doing. I would 100% refer anyone to them so don’t hesitate, if you think you have a case call now!! Thank you guys for all your help!

5 Sharron Burnette via

Mr. Purtz, Erin, and Lilly did an amazing job helping me through not one but two difficult times in my life.
Not only did they treat me as if they were fighting for their family; they kept me updated throughout the whole process.
They are very responsive, respectful, and thoughtful throughout.
Mr. Purtz is amazing but truly believe his job would be more difficult if it weren’t for Erin Reilly. She, Erin, is a true advocate for her clients ❤️
Very grateful to all of them and definitely would recommend this company and their amazing team💞

5 Denise Henry via

I love This Attorney Group .They are The Best Attorney Group I have came across I here to say you will be Very surprised how Things Will outcome with this Group. I love the Caring and the Politely Help Service you receive from every time ur are around in person of Whom…Amazing Service Every Round….And I must say The Welcome Package is Too Awesome.. U feel Great to walk in Representing With The Awesome SHIRT..👕 The Goldstein, Buckley, Cechman , Rice ,Pertz I must Tell They will Have you Happy as Can Be .Once Things Are Completed. Greatest Attorney

5 Michelle Zuel via

They are the best lawyer, they care about your well-being they check on you make sure you’re okay throughout the whole process I truly appreciate everything they have done for me

5 Bridgette Poppell via

Thank you so much for such fast service … Only took 14 months and very satisfied…
God bless all of you…

5 Jerome Dunn via

I am pleased with the way the team at GBCR&P handle my case. They really go above and beyond to deliver results for you. I will recommend anyone to go with them.

5 Cristina Klishak via

I would just like to thank the team for taking care of me when I had an accident. I never had the chance to thank them all personally. The staffs and Atty. Purtz we’re very professional and handled my case very well. I’m very pleased how everything turned out. They made sure I’ll get the right treatment after the accident. Thank you so much! Definitely recommended. If you need assistance don’t hesitate to call them, they will take care of you! -Cristina K.

5 Rachel Mane via

So far so good

5 Dar Summerton via

At 81 years old experienced my first car accident in 52 years. Reared ended at yield sign by large pick up truck. Whip lashed with neck injury.
On advice from a friend contacted G, B, S, R&P . Received best care and advice. Honesty, and prompt response to all my questions. Settled to my satisfaction in 11 months. Hopefully will never need them again but they would be the first one I would call.

5 Ryan Henry via

5 Tina Marie Hastey via

5 Sad Nothing left via

They went above and beyond and helped everyway they could thank you.

5 Courtney Duncan via

In September 2021, my 2 year old daughter and I were involved in an accident. Thankfully, my little one was unharmed, but me on the other hand, I was left with multiple back injuries leading to a surgical procedure. Andrea, Ada, and their team at the Cape Coral office stopped at nothing to make sure that I felt supported and did everything they could to walk us through the process to begin the journey. They were met with many roadblocks when dealing with the various insurance companies, but they persisted. We are extremely grateful for all of the hard work and dedication they gave in order to make sure that we were taken care of. Thank you to everyone at the Cape Coral office for your tireless efforts to helping finalize everything! I would highly recommend anyone that is in need of assistance to reach out, they were amazing!

5 Rya Snipes via

Always kind, caring and attentive to my needs. Always quick to respond to phone calls and emails. Highly Recommend!

5 Joker via

These guys will take care of your legal needs! They did my accident case and all I can say is Thank you to the staff.

5 Joel Soto via

If you need a good lawyer and professional help I highly recommend this firm they will get it done Chis and David god bless you guys keep helping people!

5 Ron Sheeley via

Mr Purtz in the Naples office provided insight into what I could expect with the lawsuit.
I spent the most time on my law suit with Chris Smith who should get a “10” star review for his ability to listen and provide advice.
Further, Mr Smith did an excellent job of providing his thoughts on what questions were going to be asked in the depositions. In addition, Mr Smith returned my calls quickly and was always ready to answer questions. I truly enjoyed working with him. He cared about me and the law suit.

5  Arnette Smith via

Goldstein, Buckley Cechman, Rice and Purtz are an amazing team of lawyers.. Christopher Smith, did a wonderful job representing me, in my slip and fall case. Very caring, and commuted to giving the best representation.. exceptional service all around.
Thanks to the entire team, especially in our Naples office …
Arnette Smith

5 Juliann Dunn via

Special thanks to Mr. Purtz and Erin!! I’m so thankful you took my case and I am very happy with the results. This was my first time experiencing a bad accident. Mr. Purtz and Erin really showed me that they are truly looking out for their clients. They were not pushy for you to take a bad deal. They were patient, honest, kind, empathetic, and worked diligently. They truly delivered. I can’t thank you guys enough for everything. Best law firm out there. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!!! Thank you Mr. Purtz, Erin, Lily and the rest of the staff. I hold you guys near and dear to my heart! Continue to help our community and others. Stay blessed!

5 Marcia Hendricks via

The team at Lehigh Acres office is very Courteous, Pleasant, Dependable, Honest, and Reliable. They’re always there for you in your best interest. Thank you Lilly, Erin and Mr. Purtz for a job well done. Spectacular Service ,above and beyond. I will be happy to recommend.

5 Seng Yan via

I would like to thank Mr. Richard L. Purtz and Ms. Erin Reilly at 4802 Lee blvd Lehigh Acres FL 33971. Thank you both very much for taking my case, I’m very happy with the outcome. I would highly recommend, and don’t forget Lilly; she’s very sweet.

5 Candace Nichols via

Having sustained a fracture to my knee as the result of a fall, I found myself in need of legal counsel. Lucky for me I found gbc law and Mr. Smith. What could have been a terribly stressful situation became bearable with Mr. Smith’s professional guidance. I felt as though I speaking with a friend. The ancillary staff was also courteous, professional and friendly. I thank you all and would absolutely recommend Mr. Smith and staff for legal representation.

5 Laura Ferrell via

I was very pleased with the service that we received from Andrea and her team in the Port Charlotte office. Going through this process during the COVID situation did make the process go on longer than it probably normally would take, but we have closed this chapter of our lives in dealing with this lawsuit. Thank you for all your assistance.

5 Mark Steinberg via

I am an attorney for 40 years. I hired Eve to handle a roof damage case. She destroyed the insurance company attorney that tries this type of case multiple times per month. Eve is extremely bright and personable. She out worked the other side. Regardless of the outcome, my wife and I are thrilled we hired Eve. We are pleased with the jury verdict obtained by Eve.

5 Christopher Romero via

The staff is wonderful, always in communication with me throughout everything. Also recommended places to receive treatment for my injury and worked with me in regards to my medical bills.

5 Stephen Lineberry via

Had the opportunity to meet the Lawyers and Staff at a recent Charlotte County Chamber of Commerce Ribbon Cutting. Professional and knowledgable in all aspects of injury law. The staff has the expertise to determine your legal needs.

5 Dawn via

In the past month we have used Goldstein, Buckley, Cechman, Rice & Purtz, PA on a few occasions… setting up a trust, corporate / business related items and for personal injury. Dealing with the different lawyers and keeping things in order was made easy due to all of the staff members that were involved. They are polite, professional and very quick to respond.

5 Carolyn Dicarlo via

Attorney Buckley is friendly, helpful and professional. We never feel rushed and he answers all of our questions.

5 Richard Toker via

Richard Purtz is a very professional attorney. Recommend him highly.


I want to thank Chris Smith and his team for all their hard work on my accident case. I started with the wrong attorney and found Chris thru a very good friend. It’s so important to find a trial attorney and also one that specializes in the field that your needing them for. I had wasted 4 years. But Chris took over and got the job done in a timely manner. I would highly recommend Chris Smith at Goldstein Buckley Cechman Rice & Perez.

5 JOSEPH Franciotti via

The staff is responsive and thorough. Eve Volkmann is a wonderful attorney with great patience. She always asks the right questions. Would refer Eve and the firm to any who asks!

5 Melissa King via

Such a caring team! They are the Best firm in swfl! Great staff & attorneys. Highly recommend!!

5 Brianne Ortiz via

I was rear ended at a stoplight and a friend recommended this office. Best recommendation I’ve ever received. Mr. Smith kept me informed every step of the way, he answered every and any questions I had. His team ensured that I understood all the paperwork which was a relief. It allowed me to focus on healing my injury.

5 Emily Frueh via

My kids and I were re-ended at a red light, I sustained more injuries than them since they were wearing their seatbelts. I was so full of adrenaline and partial confusion that I did not even realize I was injured. My kids sustained very minor injuries and didn’t feel the need to go to the hospital at that time, we were 2 counties away from home my other child was at the babysitters and I don’t even know how I would get back to my car if we went via ambulance. The following day my pain increased, and it took what seemed like forever to be seen by someone. I was getting several phone calls from the other persons insurance company starting the following morning stating that they would fully reimburse me for my vehicle, anything I needed, they just wanted to get my car fixed right away. I started having anxiety about the entire situation so I contacted GBCR&P. I made an inquiry at 10:30PM just thinking someone would call me the next morning, I had a missed phone call less than 15 minutes later and I was calling them back and making the appointment for the following morning. I was a little nervous about everything I have never gone through something like this. My biggest concern was the fact that my pain was getting worse and I didn’t know what to do. I was told by the ER doctor to just wait it out, so I did. GBCR&P had an appointment with a Chiropractor for my kids and I within a week. They didn’t have any extensive damage so they were pretty quick with their recovery. The other insurance company has dismissed my injuries so my case was re-assigned to Adam Heisner within the group. I couldn’t be more happier with the outstanding, above and beyond customer service that I get from Mr. Heisner and his legal Assistant Trisha Maddox. They are on top of everything and make sure they know who I have seen and just go the extra mile. Since I was transferred from the Lehigh office to the Fort Myers office driving long distances is very difficult for me but they do everything humanly possible to accommodate me. Mr Heisner even got a settlement on my children which we didn’t even think was going to happen so we dropped the suit for my kids. I would absolutely recommend GBCR&P to anyone that has the unfortunate luck to be in an accident. At GBCR&P you aren’t just another number, your family. They know exactly who you are when you call on the phone or if you walk through the door. They are cheery and empathetic and just want to help get you the need/deserve.

5 Bob Burns via

Our young, athletic, community-involved son was left a quadraplegic by a slip and fall accident. His life was forever changed, and so was that of his family. The attorneys and staff of this firm provided the exceptionally strong support he needed. They fought for his rights as though they were family. Both the especially outstanding staff in the Charlotte office and the broad backup talents of the entire firm in Florida stood tall with us all the way. Intelligent, educated in the law, dedicated, determined, hard-working, personally caring, and SUCCESSFUL representatives. What more could you ask? Call them if you need legal help. You will be happy that you did.

5 Ilse Johann via

They were truly interested on helping me with my case. My lawyer, Chris Smith showed compassion & assured me that he would be standing by my side.. I won the case which was not not easy but justified. I thank everyone that has helped me at Goldstein, Buckley, Purtz & would recommend them to anyone needing help.

5 Gary Siebenaler via

This group is so easy to work with. They are honest with you every step of the way. They are truly the best I have ever worked with in my life. God Bless them all.

5 Florida Girl via

After my car accident, the insurance company made the situation more stressful. I then saw the commercial from GBCR&P about letting THEM deal with the insurance company and I gave them a call. I am glad I did! The stress level went down and Richard Purtz and his team were very helpful, friendly, promptly responded to calls and e-mails and successfully settled my case. I would definitely use GBCR&P again and refer to others.

5 HDub man via

I was in an accident where an SUV ran a red light and struck my door at 45 mph. The accident left me with a damaged knee, 4 bulging discs in my back, and multiple lacerations. Due to the extent of my injuries, and the severity of the accident, I knew it was best if I obtained counsel. I was referred to GOLDSTEIN, BUCKLEY, CECHMAN, RICE & PURTZ, P.A. by family members who had used them and expressed how happy they were with this law firm. Mr. Purce and Mr. Smith of GOLDSTEIN, BUCKLEY, CECHMAN, RICE & PURTZ, P.A. were very compassionate and pleasant to deal with. They walked me through the whole process, and in the end, I feel we walked away with reasonable compensation for the pain and suffering caused by the accident. I am very happy with the way everything was handled throughout the case, and I would most definitely recommend GOLDSTEIN, BUCKLEY, CECHMAN, RICE & PURTZ, P.A. to anyone and everyone in the future.

5 Christen Lowman via

For this claim I really went for the word around town on who is a trustworthy attorney. Lilly was always amazing and just brightens your day. Erin Reilly, was the personal claims analyst I had and she definitely went above and beyond and was on top of everything. I have not had an experience like this in a long time anywhere. The compassion, caring and knowledge these two had will definitely keep me as a client and anyone else I can send your way.

5 George Zumarraga via

I had a wonderful experience .they were very supportive and genuinely concerned.allways kept me informed and were able to secure an equitable result.

5 L C via

Knowledgeable, thorough and great at following up with schedule changes. Thank you.

5 Rhonda Regalbuto via

Was represented by Richard Purtz, Esq in a Personal Injury case. His Personal Injury Claims Analyst, ERIN REILLY, was an amazing young woman with a great deal of compassion, knowledge and dedication. She made the process easy, which is exactly what you need when having an injury and going through a lawsuit. Thank you, Erin. You were perfect for a job well done!

5 Kadijah Watkins via

Very pleased with how this firm fought for me to get what I deserved. Wether it was phone calls or in person everyone I came in contact with were very nice and professional! I highly recommend this firm to anyone. Thank you all so much!

5 Claudio Rivas via

(Translated by Google) Hello, I am Claudio and I had an accident in my car and I was very well attended by my lawyers and the secretary Lili helped me with my case I went to the doctor to be my therapies, they speak Spanish I am very happy with the final results of my case

(Original) Hola soy claudio y tube un accidente en mi carro y fui muy bien atendidos por mis abogados y la secretaria lili me ayudaron con mi caso fui al medico a ser mis terapias,ellos ablan español estoy muy contento por los resultados finales de mi caso

5 Ray Mountjoy via

I was injured while riding a city bus. An elderly lady did not stop at the intersection. The lady pulled write out in front off the bus i was on. as a result of this accident i was referred to the law office of Gold, Buckley, Cechman, Rice & Putts PA. When a called them and told the person what had happen they took my information down and it was very quick response from Mr. Purtz. He ask me what happen and as I told him what happen he did not say anything at all. He was very nice in letting me tell him everything. After that Mr. Purtz said that they would be able to help me. A couple days later I meat Miss Erin Reilly, She was the personal injury claims analyst. Miss Reilly was very nice and made feel like I could rely on there firm to help me . She got things going really fast. They kept up with keeping me informed of was they was doing at all time. They explained every step of the way as the worked. As a result of there outstanding knowledge the end result was a very good turn out for me. I received a great settlemen for what I was put through. I could not begin to thank all the great people at Goldstein,Buckley, Cechman, Rice & Purtz. I would not hesitate to recommend this law firm to help anybody out. In conclusion I want to Thank every there for the great outcome of this accident.

5 David Workman via Facebook logo

I hired the best firm and it was a great choice for me. Attorney Richard Purtz and his crew at the Lehigh office are the best. They are very knowledgeable, they are an example of the best people doing the right job at the right time. I appreciate the fantastic job that you have done for my family and I. Thank you very much.

5 Karen Milianti- Vahl via Facebook logo

Very caring attorney’s and their staff is always friendly, willing and ready to take your call.

5 Marites Mamites Miro via Facebook logo

They will help you and work with you the best lawyers in town

5 Dianelys Perez via Facebook logo

Goldstein, Buckley, Cechman, Rice & Purtz, P.A. is an excellent law office located at 4802 Lee Blvd, Lehigh Acres FL 33971 Ph: 239-360-1415, with magnificent customer service, where they put the client’s well-being and rights above all else. They keep you informed during the process, in their office they help you find the medical services you need to improve your health after an accident, so that you receive the best treatment possible. They have a very experienced staff and serve you with kindness and compassion. I recommend my attorney, Mr. Purtz, stop by his office today if you have been in a car accident and need legal help. You will find the help you need. Sincerely, Dianelys.

5 Scott Parker via Facebook logo

I was fortunate to work with this company after my accident in 2019. None of us knew at the time that we would have long delays due to Covid and to have Andrea P. Smith working with me throughout and keeping me updated on the status of my case was a blessing. Nobody asks or wants to get into an accident but to know you have a Law Firm on your side that will work diligently to provide you with the results you deserve and need in order to move on is essential. And I am glad I found that with Goldstein Buckley Cechman Rice & Purtz

5 Jerry Murphy via

I could not be happier with GBCR&P for their handling of my case. Chris and Ada were wonderful; they thoroughly explained every step in the process, were very responsive to my questions, and handled everything quickly and professionally from start to finish. I am so thankful for their representation and highly recommend them to anyone in need of personal injury attorney.

5 Chloe Garcia via

Christopher & Andrea have been most helpful to me regarding my vehicle accident. I was informed every step of the way and in the end I’m very thankful to be healthy & to have this resolved in a trouble free way. Thank you both for allowing me to care for my health while you took care of the rest. God Bless.

5 Mame Mouriz via

I was the victim of a car crash where I was hit from behind. I sustained permanent injuries. RICHARD PURTZ and CHRISTOPHER SMITH worked tirelessly in my behalf to obtain the settlement I deserved. They were both consistently helpful and patient in answering all my questions as I went through this legal process. Their professionalism was always evident, and I felt very comfortable allowing them to represent my interests Their explanations allowed me to understand every step. I will recommend this firm enthusiastically to anyone with a need for legal services as I had.

5 Rafael Carrasquillo via

our attorney Christopher Smith was awesome. He always took the time to follow up with me and my wife. He made sure that we were treated fairly . I can Honestly say this law firm has the best lawyers in town. unlike other firms that threat you like a number and never get to speak with your Attorney Thank you.

5 The Real America Show via

These guys will take care of your legal needs! They did my accident case and all I can say is Thank you to the staff.

5 Xiomara Gomez via

Dear Deb Cuda

I wanted to express my gratitude for your efforts and dedication for my case. It was quite a long and lengthy process and I could never think anyone would stay by my side for this long, but you were very generous regarding it. It is hard for me to explain to Richard Purtz who didn’t know me that I never did what my Insurance company claimed I did. Of course, he comfort me as only a Giant could do and he said let me worry you just take care of your injuries.
But everyone in the Firm that I have had the pleasure of meeting especially you believed that I was innocent. Goldstein, Buckley, Cechman, Rice & Purtz, PA Firm put their hearts and efforts in clearing my name and winning MY CASE….

I am VERY grateful to you Debra that you took all the stress and restored everything in me. Your faith, knowledge and determination were something that solves my worries. I am so blessed to have had your firm represent me, but most of all I am blessed to have a new friend that has integrity, respect and loyalty to me and all your clients the same. God Bless you always.

Your Client 4life
Thank you
Xiomara Gomez RT®

5 Gayle Mullins via

Richard Purtz is a kind, compassionate attorney. Carlene Minist is excellent! Very professional, honest, and efficient!

5 Andrzej Kostera via

Mr. Smith, Mr. Purtz, Ms. Menist , and staff displayed professionalism with my case. They were knowledgeable, explained each proceeding clearly, and were always prepared for all meetings, depositions and mediation. They were prepared to win always. This firm was a pleasure to work with.

5 Lisa Spooner via

Working with everyone at this firm was a first-rate, professional experience. So glad I went with this firm.

5 J via

Mr.Smith and his team did everything they could to make sure I got the most possible out of my settlement. I’m greatful to them for all of their hard work. Thank you

5 Gayle Deane via

There when you need them

5 Shannon via

Awesome law firm

5 Norma Cagle via

Great job.

5 Griffin Shallow via

Attorney Christopher Smith and his staff are amazing. They helped me improve myself as a person during a very difficult time in my life, and they helped me in ways I will always be grateful for. Not only did they resolve my case beyond expectations, but I was always able to get a hold of them, and they communicated with me every step of the way. Having Chris Smith as my attorney gave me the peace of mind I needed to focus on my life, and confidence I needed during difficult times. Christopher Smith cares, and I recommend him to anyone looking for an attorney. Thank you to Christopher Smith and thank you to your staff – I’m grateful for your help!

5 bryan granados via

There are currently doing everything they can to help my case there doing a phenomenal job I appreciate them so much

5 Deanna Hoskins via

I worked with Richard Purtz and Crystal Moore on my particular case and the professionalism and service was outstanding! They both went above and beyond my expectations. Extra high fives and appreciation goes out to Crystal Moore. She was always there to answer my questions and advise me when needed. I highly recommend this group.

5 Edith Rodriguez via

Attorney Purtz and staff were able to work on my case. They made the case run very smoothly for me and they would always make sure I was updated with everything.I was glad that they were able to help me out because I had never dealt with anything like this. I can definitely say that I would be back if I found myself in the same situation again. Their work was definitely more than expected. I highly recommend them!

5 Nick Andreoulakis via

We have used Goldstetin, Buckley, Cechman, Rice & Purtz in the past and presently and they always provide great customer service. They are very knowledgeable and thorough in their representation and always go the extra mile to make sure we’re represented fairly. Highly recommend!

5 denise fussell via

Everyone I dealt with was so pleasant and professional it made my experience very nice. I would recommend Mr. Purrs and Crystal Moore to anyone needing an attorney anytime. Thank you all again!

5 Burton Peltz via

Attorney Purtz and the entire staff have been wonderful. They went above and beyond. Highly recommended!!

5 Dayna Bouchard via

Positive: Professionalism
Andrea was just wonderful and helpful. Her staff, including Amy, her paralegal were always knowledgeable and kind. They answered all questions and kept me updated all the time. I had retained another lawyer before switching to GBCR+P. Andrea was able to get the settlement we wanted! I’d highly recommend this firm! You can’t go wrong. They really are fighting for their clients!

5 Yoel Prieto via

Positive: Professionalism, Quality, Responsiveness, Value
Eve Kosciuszko did a fantastic job assisting me in my legal issues. Where no other attorney would listen to my case or tried to understand, she sat with us and took the time with us and explained everything in a way that we could understood. If I ever need legal assistance again without a doubt I would return to her or any of the attorneys there. I recommend this practice 100% . Thank you Eve for all your help. God Bless.

5 Anonymous logo

General Practice

This law firm was very quick to respond to my needs as a consumer.

5 **** via

Always professional and caring that justice be served. The staff has been extremely helpful in every office. Mr. Purtz has been a gem in exercising his expertise to obtain a just outcome.

5 Gil Rivera via

Positive: Professionalism, Responsiveness
I was injured on a vacation while on Captiva Island Fla…..I NEVER expected the quality of communication, effort and success that I received for a “slip and fall” case. The PURTZ team ( especially Candy) never quit and really delivered. In this day and age I only wish I could get this kind of service everywhere. Thank you !!!!!
G. Rivera
Norridge, IL.

5 Jill Pedigo via

Positive: Responsiveness
I would like to Thank Goldstein, Buckley, cechman, Rice & Purtz Law Firm. I’m very impressed with the Communication, Honesty & Professionalism that was provided to me. I will definitely call your Law Firm if needed in the Future. Thank You All!

5 katie damminger via

Positive: Professionalism, Responsiveness
Richard Purtz is extremely knowledgable, caring and professional. His expertise is extremely valuable. I highly recommend him and this firm.

5 John White via

This law firm is awesome. They were very thorough and attention to detail. If you have any issues that need quick results thrrr the one. Please always think of them for all your lawyer needs…..

5 Tom the Boss via

Excellent Lawyers office very helpful and friendly and competent people.

5 Arianna Dabu via

They were the first to respond to me in regards to my husbands motorcycle accident. Richard Purtz emailed me at 11pm asking if I wanted to talk at that time or the next day. We’ve got a private investigator, and thanks to Stephen Dommerich, we won the traffic case as well. Both the Cape and Fort Myers offices are full of good people to help!

5 Alan Martinez via

Awesome! Very attentive, likes to meet face to face to ensure all questions are answered. Carleen and mr purtz are phenomenal. Highly recommended and will recommend to friends and family.

5 Delia Cortez via

I have worked with other law firms before and never have been treated like I mattered. Attorney Smith has been by my side the entire 4 years never once gave up on me. Amy and Jamie are such sweat hearts and this is what you need when your going through a very hard time. I thank you for fighting for my rights. I got a very good settlement unexpected. Very Pleased. Thank you.

5 Danielle James via

Mr. Purtz & Carleen M. are outstanding! Very accommodating, wonderful with explanation of the processes & very kind!

5 Dana McGovern via

Andrea Smith and her staff were outstanding and responsive at all times and though it took time as these things do we were able to agree on a settlement and get it done.

Highly recommend this firm.

5 Karen Vahl via

The attorney’s and their staff are such caring people. Always greeting their clients with a smile. They do everything they can to help you through whatever you are going through, very knowledgeable caring attorneys.

5 Alicia Medina via

A breath of fresh air, a light in my darkest moments as I was the victim of a drunk driver. I felt very secured that it would all be done correctly and it was all done quite well. The staff was always very knowledgeable and helpful.
Richard Purtz atty, took the time to visit me at home and explained the whole process patiently and thoroughly.
I am glad my son hired them while I laid unconscious at the hospital.

5 Ada Torres via

Attorney Purtz, Carlene and Staff, thank you so much for the excellent service in handling me case. I appreciate all you have done for me.

5 tammy sedore via

The law firm team help make the process easy. They stayed in contact and was patient through it all. I would highly recommend them to anyone!!

5 Misty gaillardetz via

They were very quick in response and handle the case with professional and courteous actions. I refer everyone to them very happy with their service.
I have had several different lawyers and I have never anything nice to say after the case settled, but in this situation I would use their office again and feel comfortable referring my friends to them. Very happy with the treatment I received.

5 Craig Nelson via

Mr. Purtz and his staff did an amazing job on my claim. Everyone was courteous and professional throughout the process, and I would recommend them highly. Christopher Smith is great at his job!

5 Mike Ash via

Richard Purtz is the most knowledgeable lawyer I ever met,and I’ve met a lot in my life. They Worked very hard to get the most money from my case. I could not have been more pleased.

5 Ana Lucia Armiger via

Mr Purtz and Carleen
Thank you so much for all your hard work.
Just the fact that from the first day that I talk to both of you, I did not had to worry about anything….
You handle everything to help me as much as you could….
Can’t thank you enough….
I will recommend you both to all my family and friends.
Once again thank you thank you….
Ana Lucia Armiger

5 617pmk via

I worked with various attorneys at G.B.C.R.&P. who were extremely helpful with respect to Trust and Estate issues, sale of property, and a fraudulent insurance settlement. The attorneys and their respective staff always kept me informed and updated throughout the process.

5 Penny Russell via

Attorneys Richard Purtz and Chris Smith and their staff made this whole process very easy for me. Great attorneys to work with. I highly recommend them to anyone looking for representation.

5 Agnieszka Ponce via

Everyone is so friendly and welcoming.
Andrea and Ann was awesome.
Thank you

5 justin nicely via

These guys are the best!! Real estate, personal injury, personal care, you name it, they’ll treat you right. Was facing a slumlord situation which caused injury and thanks to Mr. Rice, Mr. Purtz, and Mr. Isaacs, and all who work there, they helped my family and me out of a tough spot and took care of us when all hope was lost. Forever in these guy’s dept. They genuinely CARE!

5 Anonymous logo

Personal Injury

The Law offices of Goldstein, Buckley, Cechman, Rice & Purtz, P.A. treated me like family. I was well taken care and would recommend them to anyone who is in serious need of representation. They cared about me enough to personally meet with me after I called **LAW (**529). The staff was wonderful and professional. Thank you for your assistance in helping me seek justice! Read less


I had an amazing experience with Goldstein, Buckley, Cechman, Rice and Purtz, PA. The staff was amazingly professional and very timely in their responses. I received a full payout and couldn’t be happier.
Sincerely, Angela Buckhanan

5 Gayle Mullins via

Thanks to Mr. Purtz, I have settled my very difficult case involving two auto insurance companies. I am very please with his professionalism and consideration.

5 rob rodgers via

The most thorough professional attorney’s in SWF.

5 Anonymous logo


I was embarrassed to admit I needed help with my Bankruptcy. They eased my concerns and explained my options, now I have a new lease on life. Couldn’t have done it without them. Thank you.

5 mark maxim via

My daughter was involved in a car accident and gbc handled her case. They were very knowledgeable and were able to help with all matters. They answered ever question we had during the process and my daughter was able to receive compensation for all medical expenses, wages lost and more.


5 Logan Ramanand via Facebook logo

Had an amazing experience everyone that works there are great people super nice super helpful would go back there 100%.

5 Cindy McMenemy via

It was a great pleasure working with Carleen Menist and Richard Purtz. Their kind and caring manner helped me through this process. I highly recommend them if legal advice is ever needed.

5 Ed Debs via

Mr Purtz and Carleen also the staff in the office was very nice the first time I walked in the to the office. Mr Purtz and Carleen sent a gift to my house when I was recovering from a knee surgery. They solved my case and help me out after I got into a car accident on 10/23/18. I would recommend to anyone to use them when you got into a car accident. Thank you Mr Purtz and Carleen for every thing you did.

5 Jeffery Dektas via

I was referred to Richard Purtz from a friend. What a GREAT opportunity to work with Mr. Purtz, Carleen, and the entire Goldstein, Buckley, Cechman, Rice & Purtz staff. Everyone was so helpful and worked toward the common goal… my settlement! These are fantastic trustworthy people in our community and it was a privilege to be represented by them. Thank you all!!

5 Angelique Pilcher Fails via Facebook logo

This firm is full of wonderful, caring people. I would highly recommend them for all of your legal needs.

5 Ryan Michael via

Wow! Let me start with how impressed I am with this firm. Especially Christopher Smith. I was represented from another firm that botched my case and drug it out over 5 years to only last minute drop me, I had no where to go and since it was such a old case not one firm wanted to take the case. I’m so glad I walked into Goldstein Buckley Cechman Rice & Purtz. When I spoke to Chris he was more than willing to help me and didn’t care how much of a mess it would be picking up my case, like all the other firms told me. They were on top of it and resolved my case in a fashionable time frame to exceed my expectations! I 100% back and recommend Christopher Smith.

5 Siva McAteer via

Very nice group to work with. Highly recommend!

5 Nancy Schankereli via

They really go out of their way to help you.

5 Tatiana Sherry via Facebook logo

Attorney Stephen Buckley is so kind and caring! We are grateful to have his expertise and compassion in our community.

5 Alex K via

I do not have much experience dealing with attorneys, but on a personal recommendation I decided to use Zach Gill. The level of professionalism and personal interest in my case were much higher than I had expected. If you want the best attorney in the area call this firm!

5 Lanna Servick via

The friendliest group of people I know. They are definitely behind you 100%!

5 richards boatwright via

Amazing truly compassionate group of people highly recommend.

5 Russ Reed via Facebook logo

While I never would have envisioned having to engage a law firm following my accident, I quickly learned insurance companies are not at all interested in playing fair. Richard Purtz and Christopher Smith ensured that the playing field was leveled and persisted in working toward an equitable solution. Always available to answer my questions and kept me informed each step of the process.

5 Deb Mcneill via

Best firm in town…5 stars

5 Margie A via

I contacted GBC after having a fall at the store from being knocked over when an employee was pushing a supply cart. The attorneys at Goldstein, Buckley, Cechman, Rice & Purtz were extremely professional, caring and helpful. They referred me to a doctor to get treatment for my injuries. They handled everything involved with my case, answered all of my questions and kept me informed on everything at all times. I was able to receive full compensation for all medical expenses and more. Thank you so much for everything. I highly recommend GBC for any personal injury case.

5 Jackie Bass via

Great experience through a hard time. Thank you.

5 Beverly Dommerich via

Attorneys are great!

5 Dink Press via

Positive: Professionalism, Quality, Responsiveness, Value

5 Lanna Marsh Servick via Facebook logo

I have been an employee on and off since 1992! There is no other place I would rather be. All the attorneys and coworkers are wonderful, caring people, and we are all like family!

5 Ethan Taylor via

Positive: Professionalism

5 Donald Beilein via

Positive: Professionalism, Quality, Responsiveness, Value

5 ashley scott via

My car accident was one of the scariest experience I had ever had. When I talked to everyone at the office they put me at ease ever step of the way. Thank you guys from the bottom of my heart for listening and navigating thru the process. They got me everything I deserved and more! Highly recommended!

5 Amber Schroeter via

Absolutely pleased with the entire team as they helped me throughout the entire process (explaining anything I didn’t understand) and kept me well informed of the progress. I would definitely call them again if I ever need to. This was my first time experiencing anything like this but they helped me in any way they could! Amazing team for sure and very grateful! They will help you and fight for you in every way they can!!!…

5 Anonymous logo

Real Estate

J. Jeffrey Rice was my attorney and helped with the acquisition of a recent real estate purchase our company made. He was extremely professional and made us feel good about the decision we made. Thanks.

5 Logan Ramanand via

I had a good experience here. Everyone who works at the office are great people super nice, super helpful. They were great people all around I would recommend to anyone ❤️

5 Honey Pogue via

When I had my accident back in August 2019, there was only one legal service I had in mind. I called Goldstein Buckley Cechman Rice and Purtz in Lehigh Acres. Atty Richard Purtz helped me out a great deal. He went through all the information and made sure I understood and answered all the questions I had. The Lehigh Acres office staff are amazing and helpful even with this Covid 19 catastrophe, they kept in touch with me and made sure everything is well. I will definitely recommend them to anyone who needs their help.

5 Phillip Seymore via

Awesome law firm awesome people

5 Lutricia Burney via

The experience has been great in both office Fort Myers and Lehigh.
Thank you for all your support and it was well appreciated.

5 Bill Smith via Facebook logo

I had a wonderful experience with the law firm. From the first day I walked in the door to the last day when I received my settlement. All law firms are not the same. This one is professional and knowledgeable. They were always warm and friendly and easy to talk to. Anytime I had questions or concerns they always found the answers for me. I highly recommend them.

5 Lillian Anderson via

Ray was the best caseworker!! The Lehigh team was so nice and friendly they treated me like family.

5 Shelly St Germain via

GBCRP helped me get a fair settlement for my auto accident. It was a continual battle with the insurance company, and GBCRP fought very hard for me. Their guidance through the difficult process was appreciated, making it easy for me to understand everything that was happening with my case. Everyone I worked with truly cared about me, and I will definitely use GBCRP for all my legal needs.

5 LuckyShotz13 4K via

So far my experience has been great!

5 Sal Katz via

Very pleased with the services from this firm. Thank you!

5 Kiki im a god via

(Translated by Google) Good lawyer
Buen abogado

5 Susan Close via Facebook logo

We worked with Chris Smith and he was great to work with. He returned our calls promptly, kept us informed of the status, was very pleasant to work with, and was able to settle our claim pretty timely. I would highly recommend him.

5 Walter Thompson via

Mr. Chris Smith and his colleagues were truly a pleasure to work with. They were able to get us a very suitable settlement without having to go through the inconviences of a trial. We would highly recommend this law firm to anyone in need of their services.

5 Pamela King Patten via Facebook logo

Awesome Attorney’s! They care about YOU! You couldn’t ask for a better Law Firm that cares about you and will take care of You! The Best!!!!

5 Daniel Parks via

The attorney’s was Mr. Smith and Mr. Purtz. The staff was quick to respond and I was called several times to keep me in the loop. What happened was a grinder exploded when I was using it and it pieces of the grinding wheel broken off and hit me in my abdomen and I needed to have surgery right away.
I would recommend them to anybody. The firm was very professional and I would go to them again if I needed to.

5 Teresa Carrubba via

Highly recommend this law firm. Attorney Christopher Smith is a highly respected and an incredibly effective attorney. He is reliable, trustworthy and committed, all the core values you should seek in an attorney and law firm with “integrity” at the top of the list. Attorney Smith and his team are extremely professional and courteous. Their reputation speaks for itself as a law firm, which embodies their culture and values. I’m sure their clients notice the difference and that is why they keep coming back. I know I will.

5 Mike Lauff via

They went above and beyond and helped everyway they could thank you.

5 Anonymous logo


5 Mike Smith via

Glad to have them on my side.

5 Moshe Fisher via

Highly recommended! Through the entire process everybody was great kept me up to date, answerd all my questions, and got back to me very quickly. Thank you Katy,Betsey,Brandee and Andrea!

5 Barbara Miller via

My favorite attnory Ms Andrea she is wonderful. All the staff are friendly and helpful.

5 Mellow Yellow via

Just would like to say thank you to all the staff @ Goldstein for all their hard work in my case they we’re fast, diligent, courteous and always there at all times, keep up the good work guys!

5 Tony Blade via

Good place

5 Wes Brandon via

Great people honest and will help you

5 Stacey Bohannon via

My real estate clients and I have used GBC Law for over 5 years now. Their expertise in the real estate industry is what I rely on, and they’re always a phone call away to answer any questions that I have. Their flexibility and sense of urgency is so necessary when it comes to keeping real estate transactions running smoothly, and they do it all very well!

5 Rhonda Ray via Facebook logo

great team, love em…all of em

5 Kim Sackett via Facebook logo

they always responded to me right away when I called at the time to explain things to me my lawyer was very supportive of any decisions that I wanted to make they were so professional but at the same time compassionate and caring. This firm is full of wonderful, caring people. I would highly recommend them for all of your legal needs.

5 Judith via Avvo logo

I hired Mr. Purtz after a car accident I was in. He was kind, informative and explained things in laymen’s terms. I would highly recommend Mr. Purtz to anyone who wants someone whom truly cares.

Richard L. Purtz

5 Anonymous logo

Personal Injury

I hired Mr. Purtz after a car accident I was in. He was kind, informative and explained things in laymen’s terms. I would highly recommend Mr. Purtz to anyone who wants someone whom truly cares.

J. Jeffrey Rice

5 Anonymous logo


Made the bankruptcy process a painless process and put us at ease with everything. It was a very difficult decision for us to file for bankruptcy and the knowledge and professionalism of Jeff Rice made it easy for us.

5 Anonymous logo

Construction Law

Coined as a “Super Lawyer” Jeff Rice was just the attorney we needed. There are no gimmicks just hard work from one of Southwest Florida’s best. Thanks for helping us out time and time again.

Christopher Joseph Smith

5 Anonymous logo

Excellent Lawyer. I highly recommend! Amazing service. Amazing staff. Great outcome.

Attorney Christopher Smith and his staff are amazing. They helped me improve myself as a person during a very difficult time in my life, and they helped me in ways I will always be grateful for. Not only did they resolve my case beyond expectations, but I was always able to get a hold of them, and they communicated with me every step of the way. Having Chris Smith as my attorney gave me the peace of mind I needed to focus on my life, and confidence I needed during difficult times. Christopher Smith cares, and I recommend him to anyone looking for an attorney. Thank you to Christopher Smith and thank you to your staff – I’m grateful for your help!

5 Anonymous logo

Would recommend!

We had originally contacted another lawyer to handle our case but where very pleased when Chris had to step in! We wished he handled it from the beginning, he was very professional and explained everything to us.

5 Anonymous logo

Personal Injury

Attorney Christopher Smith represented me after I had been rear ended in a motor vehicle accident. He successfully negotiated a settlement for me against a tough insurance company that I was happy with. He took the time to listen to my concerns and input. I would strongly recommend Atorney Christopher Smith to anyone seeking legal assistance after an accident.

5 Anonymous logo

On Duty Crash

Mr. Smith was pleasurable to meet from the first time. He displayed professionalism during all interactions and is very knowledgeable. He showed concern for me and my case. He explained all proceedings clearly, there were no surprises. He and his staff were always prepared and had everything in order. He and his staff did all the leg work to put the case together and ensured I was ready for the deposition and mediation. Mr. Smith did an awesome job and won my case!

5Anonymous logo

Personal Injury

Attorney Chris Smith took on my case with enthusiasm. He and his staff are very professional, honest, and timely. Atty. Smith is an effective communicator, negotiator, and thinks outside the box. He is detailed in his analyses and has keen ability to use legal strategies to outmanoeuvre his challenger. I consulted with him on a few occasions in person and on the phone. He gave me vital information to prepare my case so that I succeeded in winning more than anticipated. Atty. Chris Smith is a role model for all attorneys to emulate. He goes above and beyond to help veterans and supports MADD.

5 Anonymous logo

Thanks for all your hard work

Thank you for not giving up on my case,and working so hard to make sure I got the most possible out of my settlement

5 Anonymous logo

Car accident

I’m so glad I went with Chris Smith to represent me after my car accident. The insurance company wanted to play hard ball, but Mr. Smith was able to get the company to pay out. So happy that I utilized his legal services!

5 Anonymous logo

Excellent experience from afar

I hired Mr. Smith after recommendation from a friend who lives in Naples. She didn’t know him, but had heard of the firm from a friend. I live far away and we communicated via phone calls and emails. He and his colleagues responded immediately every time I reach out with a question or concern. This was not a large case, but they treated me with respect throughout the process, not knowing if they would actually realize payment. This case was filed then mediated and I felt that Mr. Smith did everything he could to reach the best settlement possible under the circumstances.

5 Anonymous logo

High Recommend Attorney Christopher Smith……Thank You!

Highly recommend this law firm. Attorney Christopher Smith is a highly respected and an incredibly effective attorney. He is reliable, trustworthy and committed, all the core values you should seek in an attorney and law firm with “integrity” at the top of the list. Attorney Smith and his team are extremely professional and courteous. Their reputation speaks for itself as a law firm, which embodies their culture and values. I’m sure their clients notice the difference and that is why they keep coming back, like myself. He has handled personal injury cases for my family and we couldn’t ask for a more committed, collaborative, and respected attorney, who strives for excellence. Thank you Attorney Christopher Smith.

5 Anonymous logo

Hard Working

Chris helped me get a fair settlement for my auto accident. The insurance company fought and delayed everything, but Chris kept them on track. Anytime I had a question or needed help, Chris or one of his team were available and provided me with answers. The guidance I received from Chris was invaluable, and i would like to thank Chris and his team for helping me during this difficult process.

Michael Versnik

5 Anonymous logo

Premises Liability

The man is brilliant. He answers questions while I am still forming them in my mind. Thoroughly covered all aspects of my case and I felt total confidence in him from our first conversation.

5 Leon Genther via

Great people !

5 Martin Del Priore via

They did a great job on my case

5 Peggy Strom via

Great people

5 Bill Bryant via

5 Joan Martone Sessions via

5 Eva Tartaglione via

5 Ariaunna Morgan via

5 John Hayes via

5 Charlie Beemer via

5 Joe Restivo via

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5 Chris Marie via

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5 Jenny Rivers via

5 Brittnie Nickole Fails via Facebook logo

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5 Christopher Smith via

5 Ashley Golladay via

5 Freda ThaMom Felcher via Facebook logo

5 Stephen Dommerich via

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5 Lily Flores via

5 Monneth Workman via

5 Stephen Dommerich via

5 Christopher Smith via

5 Taylor Gargis via

5 Tina Marie Julig via

5 Max Martinez via

5 Sarah Sherman via

5 Christopher Smith via

5 Nicole Prestipino via

5 Gisella Iebba via

5 Katy Rickaby via

5 Angela van dalsen via

5 Blake Reeves via

5 Christopher Smith via

5 Monneth Workman via

5 Lehigh Acres Gazette via

5 Roger Suarez via

5 Stephen Dommerich via

5 Thomas Sansone via

5 Megan G. via

5 Christopher Smith via

5 LaLeona Santos via

5 Terry Hall via

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