Broadside/T-Bone Collision

Broadside/T-Bone Collision

T-bone collisions are also known as broadside collisions or right-angle collisions.  A T-bone collision is a car accident that occurs when a one-vehicle is struck by the front or rear of another vehicle, forming the letter “T.”  A broadside/T-bone collision is likely to be more severe than other types of car accidents, however, the severity of the damage and/or injuries is dependent on the point of impact, the vehicles’ safety features, vehicle speeds, and vehicle weight and construction.  Furthermore,  in T-bone collisions drivers are often left less protected than in other types of collisions because only a door is protecting them from the other vehicle.

Stats (, a legal website)

    • 13% of all car accidents are T-bone collisions
    • More than 50% of all car accident deaths involve a T-Bone style Collision

Causes and Avoidance

T-bone collisions can be caused by several different things, however most commonly are caused by one driver’s failure to yield right of way to another vehicle.   Intersections are a common location for T-bone collisions because drivers may neglect to stop for traffic lights or stop signs.   Additionally, power outages increase the risk of being involved in a T-bone collision because drivers may be unsure when it is safe to enter an intersection or may choose to enter the intersection at an unsafe time. There are several tips to avoid a broadside/T-bone collision for which drivers should be aware:

    • Cross intersections carefully, cautiously, and at a safe speed
    • Check your brakes – Before you drive
    • Follow traffic rules and signals – lights, signals, and signs were placed in their locations for a reason
    • Be extra watchful for pickups and trucks with trailers

Who to call if injured in a broadside or T-bone car accident in Southwest Florida

T-Bone Collisions can be very severe.   If you or someone you know has suffered injury, financial loss, or even fatality from a T-bone collision it is important to seek experienced legal counsel.   The attorneys at Goldstein Buckley, Cechman, Rice, and Purtz have over 5 decades of legal expertise in dealing with personal injuries.   Call us today to schedule a free consultation.