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School Bus Accidents & Safety Tips for 2018

Avoiding school bus accidents requires careful attention to safety

It’s critical to minimize school bus accidents by following key safety rules. With the 2017-2018 school year in full swing, the Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles is reminding all motorists to be alert while on the roadways, as they will be shared with school buses filled with children. According to the National Highway […]

Fourth of July Drunk Driving Accidents

Prevent Fourth of July drunk driving accidents by taking extra care this holiday.

Fourth of July drunk driving accidents – and their statistics – are a powerful motivator.  As you make your plans for the upcoming 4th of July holiday celebrations, make sure that your plans include a safe ride home, especially if your plans include consuming alcoholic beverages. When celebrating Independence Day many Americans enjoy celebrating the […]

Parking Lot Accidents & Injuries

Be sure thoroughly document your parking lot accidents with your camera.

Florida Parking Lot Accidents & Injuries We have all seen or heard of parking lot accidents occurring. Maybe you have even been involved in a parking lot crash. With the slower speed of vehicles in parking lots you would think that accidents wouldn’t happen; however, parking lot accidents, injuries and even fatalities are more common […]

Motor Vehicle Accidents in 2018

Read between the lines...and avoid motor vehicle accidents

Motor vehicle accidents occur for a variety of reasons. Things such as distracted driving, drowsy driving, reckless driving and driving under the influence have all resulted in car crashes at one point in time. In fact, as per the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, or NHTSA, car accidents occur every minute of the day. Yes, […]

Semi-Truck Accidents

Prevent semi-truck accidents in the United States and Florida - like this one.

Semi-Truck Accidents in Florida and the United States On the over 164,000 miles of the US National Highway System, there are millions of semi-trucks weighing over 10,000 pounds sharing the road with passenger vehicles every day. The tremendous amount of freight moved in America throughout the year would be impossible without the work of large […]

Nighttime Vehicle Accidents

Nighttime driving and nighttime vehicle accidents can be dangerous. Stay safe!

Nighttime Vehicle Accidents in Southwest Florida  If you have a license to drive in Florida, life, work and family often necessitates you drive at night. Nighttime driving is often perceived as more dangerous than daytime driving. In reality, the rate of nighttime vehicle accidents that result in fatalities at night versus during the day is […]

Small Plane Accidents in 2018

Small plane accidents do happen, but your personal injury attorneys can offer support.

Small Plane Accidents Most of us have been comforted by the aphorism “it is more dangerous to ride in a car than fly in a plane” to curb anxiety about flying. However, aircraft not associated with commercial air, such as private planes, helicopters, and even hot-air balloons, have a much higher rate of accident and […]

Motorcycle Accidents and Safety Tips for 2018

Motorcycle Accidents and Safety 1

Florida’s year-round subtropical climate provides a haven for motorcycle enthusiasts, increasing the number of motorcycle accidents. According to the Motley Fool, in 2015, Florida was the second leading state in motorcycle sales with 41,720 new motorcycle sales. Motorcycles, even when wearing a helmet can be extremely dangerous or even fatal. According to the National Highway […]

Car Accidents on Private Property

A man calls for help at the scene of multi vehicle car accidents, reducing drunk driving accidents.

Florida Car Accidents on Private Property Driving on private property happens more frequently than most people may realize. Most of the time that you park your car in a grocery store parking lot, you are on private property. In Florida, many neighborhoods have private roads. According to the Florida Highway Safety Car Accidents Crash Facts […]

Public Bus Accidents

Bus accidents are common in high traffic areas.

Florida Public Bus Accidents Millions of Americans rely on public buses every day to get to work, go to school, or just get from one place to the next. In general, riding a public bus is very safe. In fact, while passenger vehicles yield 6.53 deaths per billion passenger-miles, public buses only yield 2 deaths. […]