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        Were you or a loved one injured and have questions? Watch this video to learn about a pre-existing injury and how it could impact your new claim.


        If I Have a Pre-Existing Condition, Will That Impact My Case?


        Personal injury claims and pre-existing conditions are things that are at the forefront of most cases that are handled in Florida. Those are things that do impact cases. Insurance companies like to look at pre-existing conditions and try to blame the effects of the accident on those pre-existing conditions. Luckily, when you have an experienced attorney like us at Goldstein Buckley Cechman, Rice & Purtz, we know how to flip that argument on its head because what the law tells us is that simply because you were suffering from some form of pre-existing condition, be it a prior spinal cord injury, be it prior neck pain or back pain, just because you may have those things in the past doesn’t mean that you cannot collect damages you deserve from suffering an aggravation or an exacerbation of those prior conditions, again, things in your past that have been reignited, brought to life, and intensified as the result of the accident in question.

        While it is certainly something that is at the forefront of cases when those pre-existing conditions exist, having the right attorneys to know how to deal with those situations in the right context and how to make those situations most beneficial for you folks that suffer from those sort of things in your past is so paramount and important to making sure you are choosing the right attorneys. What we do when we get a case is, we certainly ask about the accident and your injuries as a result of the accident. What we do is take a deep dive into your medical past, not in an effort to undervalue your claim but in an effort to get that ammunition we need to try and prove what we know to be true, and that’s that the accident and the injuries more times than not have caused those underlying conditions to be reignited, brought to the forefront, and you are now suffering worse than you ever had before. While pre-existing conditions certain points in time can be detrimental to a case, if you have the right attorneys looking at it in the right light, we can work to make those work in your benefit as opposed to your detriment.

        Have you suffered a serious injury at the hands of someone who has been careless or negligent and have questions about your pre-existing injury? Contact our experienced Southwest Florida personal injury lawyers today for a free consultation and case evaluation.

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