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Fort Myers Wrongful Death Lawyers

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Excellent experience with very good results, I am very happy and satisfied with the Goldstein, Buckley, Cechman, Rice & Purtz law firm I, especially Mr. Christopher Smith who at all times during the process of my case was very honest, correct and efficient. I highly recommend this firm and this attorney because they really made a big difference to the results in my case.

Sergio-Leydi C.


Attorney Purtz and the entire staff have been wonderful. They went above and beyond. Highly recommended!

Burton P.

“This law firm is awesome!”

This law firm is awesome. They were very thorough and attention to detail. If you have any issues that need quick results this is the one. Please always think of them for all your lawyer needs.

John W.

“Accident Case”

Goldstein, Buckley, Cechman, Rice and Purtz, PA was the only law firm who would take our car accident case. Andrea Pleimling Smith was very thorough, explained everything in a very detailed fashion, and was easy to reach when questions arose. She kept us informed every step of the way. Without her, we would have suffered a severe financial loss due to an accident which was not our fault. Florida’s No Fault law is terrible and very unfair. Andrea and her team were very helpful in recouping all of the money we were required to spend!

Karen and David B.

“Thank you again for everything”

Thank you again for everything you did for me. Your compassion and concern was greatly appreciated. I have all the faith in the world with you by my side. If ever I know someone who needs an attorney, I will recommend your office. Everyone I had dealings with was very professional. Good job.

Terri D.

“Great Service”

We have used Goldstein, Buckley, Cechman, Rice & Purtz in the past and presently and they always provide great customer service. They are very knowledgeable and thorough in their representation and always go the extra mile to make sure we’re represented fairly. Highly recommend!

Nick A.

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Fort Myers Wrongful Death Lawyers

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When you lose someone that you love because of an accident that could have been avoided, the grief that you feel can be overwhelming. We understand that you and your family are going to have to grieve this loss, but we also hope that you know you are entitled to justice. Our Fort Myers wrongful death lawyers are here to fight for people like you who have lost someone that they love because of another person’s negligence or carelessness. These preventable deaths are terrible and we need to show the responsible parties that this cannot be tolerated and that we will be seeking justice for you and your family. Please call our office right away to set up a free consultation to get started on getting the results you and your family deserve.

What is Wrongful Death?

Wrongful death can be categorized as an accidental death that was caused by a person or a party behaving in a way that was careless or negligent. Cases involving wrongful death are civil lawsuits that are filed by surviving family members to receive wrongful death compensation for their damages.

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    You might be wondering after you’ve lost a loved one whether or not you should be filing a case. Of course, the easiest way to find out what your rights are is by talking to Fort Myers wrongful death lawyers about the details of your loved one’s death. Essentially, if you are able to prove that a liable party or parties were directly responsible for the incident or accident that your loved one was involved in and that had somebody acted differently your loved one would still be alive, then you are most likely eligible to receive wrongful death damages.

    We hope that you reach out to us right away, as you are being held to a legal deadline and these cases can be very time-sensitive. We will help you put together all of the evidence supporting the claim that your loved one’s death was preventable had someone acted in a different way. A lot of these cases are because of a car accident or a construction accident, but truly any incident or accident that lead to your loved one’s death that could’ve been prevented has potential to be a wrongful death case.

    Call our office for a free consultation to learn what your rights are.

    Who Files the Case?

    A lot of people who have lost a loved one in an avoidable accident reach out to us asking similar questions. They want to know who the person that filed the claim is going to be. Not just any person can be the plaintiff for this civil lawsuit. The law states that it has to be a particular person or else the lawsuit is not going to proceed. There is a kind of hierarchy to the people who are allowed to bring a wrongful death case. It goes as follows:

    • If the loved one was married, then their spouse will be the person who files the claim.
    • If they were not married but they did have children, then those children (if they are no longer minors) will be able to file the claim. If the children are minors, then a guardian can file the claim on their behalf.
    • If the loved one was not married and did not have children, then the parents can file the wrongful death claim.
    • If the parents are deceased, the next person in line to file the claim would be a sibling.

    Every family situation is unique and what might work for one case might not work for yours. Let our Fort Myers wrongful death lawyers help you determine who the plaintiff for your case should be. Call to set up a free consultation right away to find out more.

    Recovering Wrongful Death Damages

    When you bring a case for wrongful death, you want justice. Justice that you received for a wrongful death case is going to be through the means of a financial award. We understand that you might want to see a criminal punishment for the person responsible for the death of your loved one but that’s not how these types of cases work. This is not going to be a homicide case that we are handling for you. This is going to be a wrongful death civil lawsuit. Civil lawsuits for wrongful death are typically for when there was not an intent to kill your loved one but their death was a result of someone’s actions.

    If your loved one was indeed killed by somebody who intended for them to suffer death, then you should be speaking to the police and that should be a homicide case. If, however, you are here looking for a way to seek justice and make your family feel financially stable after suffering the loss of a loved one, we are here to help you. We will pursue the justice that you and your family deserve, as this loss has caused you pain and suffering

    When you financially compensate someone for wrongful death, it gets broken down into categories. The first category that you would receive are the financial losses that are burdening your family based on the loss of your loved one. Here is what we will pursue in wrongful death damages:

    • Funeral and burial costs
    • The cost of the medical care that your loved one went through before they died related to the accident or incident
    • Any of the wages or benefits that this loved one would have provided to the family had they not met an untimely death

    Any property damage related to the incident, e.g. a car damaged in a wrongful death that was due to a car accident

    You will also receive money damages that are meant to help you move on from this incident and feel that you have been thoroughly compensated for all of the ways in which this untimely loss has affected you and your family. Here are some of the ways you might receive non-economic compensation for your wrongful death case:

    • The pain, suffering, and mental anguish that you and your family have had to go through because of this untimely death that’s left you to grieve the companion that you have lost
    • A loss of consortium or normal life
    • A loss of an important figure in your family’s life, as well as the role that they played in your home

    We will work very hard to determine the case value for your unique situation. We make sure that we thoroughly investigate the case to understand how it has impacted your life and how we should be providing you with justice in terms of compensation. Our Fort Myers wrongful death lawyers understand the importance of this case for you and your family and we will fight through the challenges to bring you justice. Set up a free consultation with our lawyers today to get the help you need in getting justice.

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    Act Urgently

    In Florida, you have a statute of limitations which is going to limit the time in which you are eligible to file your wrongful death case. If you have lost a loved one from an accident, you have four years from the date of their death in which you can file your case for wrongful death against the person or party directly responsible for causing the incident or accident that led to them losing their life. If you try to file a claim after this timeline, you will be forbidden from receiving justice. We would hate for you to have to miss out on your one chance of getting justice because you didn’t reach out to us soon enough. Do not delay. Call us today.

    Call Our Fort Myers Wrongful Death Lawyers

    After suffering an avoidable loss, we hope that you get in touch with our Fort Myers wrongful death lawyers right away to determine whether or not you should be pursuing justice. If you are entitled to money damages because of the loss of a loved one, we hope that you call our office to set up a free consultation right away. We want to stand for victims of wrongful death and help their families get the justice that they deserve. We know how troubling this time must be for you, but in order for you to get the results that you need, you should act urgently to set up a free consultation right away and have us get started on fighting for your rights as soon as possible. You deserve justice and we know how to get it.

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    We have used Goldstein, Buckley, Cechman, Rice & Purtz in the past and presently and they always provide great customer service. They are very knowledgeable and thorough in their representation and always go the extra mile to make sure we’re represented fairly. Highly recommend!

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