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    Florida Medical Device Defect Lawyers

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        Fort Myers Medical Device Defect Lawyers

        Serving Fort MyersCape CoralLehigh Acres, Lee County, Naples, Collier County,  Port Charlotte, and Charlotte County, FL

        Have you suffered a serious injury because of a medical device defect? We are so sorry that you’ve had to go through this experience, and we want to be there for you when you fight for your justice. Our Fort Myers medical device defect lawyers are here to help you get justice for your damages and injuries related to the incident. Please don’t hesitate to call us today to set up your first free consultation with us. 

        Representing Victims of Medical Device Defects

        While there is a certain amount of respect that is due for medical devices that have changed the way we can take care of people, too many people suffer the effects of a defect. While they do have the potential to help people become more mobile and solve health issues that we could never have done before so many people end up with unwanted and life altering issues because of a medical device. An example would be if somebody had transvaginal mesh implanted but eventually ended up with devastating consequences. They deserve to have justice if there was negligence involved.

        When a medical device ends up hurting you more than it has helped you, we want you to reach out to our Fort Myers medical device defect lawyers right away to learn what your rights are. We can help you secure compensation for all of your losses. We take care of all the hard parts of your case, so you don’t have to worry about it and can focus on getting better.

        Injured by a Medical Device

        When we want to get better and solve a medical condition, we often turn to medical devices in this healthcare system. Sometimes it’s great and can save a life but when you have a defective product you can end up with more harm than good. A medical device are things like IUDs, knee implants, transvaginal mesh, heart stents, metal hip implants and more. They are often designed to treat illness and disease or injuries.

        Whether the product was poorly made, manufactured or marketed if there was a defect you deserve compensation. They are often because of a flaw and a mistake that was never corrected.

        If there was a defect in the design, people could suffer. Sometimes, the design is dangerous and that causes injury.

        Sometimes, a lack of proper warning or instruction for the medical device that leads to the user suffering harm. An example of that might be if a manufacturer does not post a warning or a danger about the medical device.

        When marketers or advertisers don’t warn of the possible dangers of the medical device, that’s known as defective marketing. It is illegal to do so because people deserve to make informed decisions about their health and well-being.

        Recalls for Medical Devices

        When a medical device is given to people it’s supposed to have gone through a lot of testing before it’s being marketed. The FDA is supposed to uncover any issues with medical devices and regulate the manufacturers of the product. Sometimes they will look at events that happened after they’ve been marketed and find out whether or not this device should be recalled. There are three classifications for a medical device recall depending on how serious the defect is and how much harm it could cause someone.

        With a class I recall these are the most serious of them all and they do this because there is a reasonable probability that when you use the product it will cause health issues or death. If there is a class II recall It means that if you were exposed to this medical device, you could suffer issues with your health that are usually typically temporary and can be reversed if you get medical intervention. A class III recall is used when a product doesn’t meet the standards but it’s not necessarily likely to cause serious health issues.

        IVC Filters

        If you’ve had an issue with an IVC filter our Fort Myers medical device defect lawyers want to hear from you right away. These IVC filters are surgically implanted into your blood vessels. They are supposed to help you prevent getting blood clots in your lungs and suffering a pulmonary embolism. However a lot of people who get these filters are at high risk of getting harmed. They can break apart after being implanted in travel through the body which can lead to a fatality. If you’ve lost a loved one because of a fractured IVC filter, please reach out to us right away. We can help get justice.

        Talcum Powder

        Currently, Johnson and Johnson state that their baby powder is safe, despite the possibility that it has been linked to getting cancer. Their baby powder contains talcum powder, which has been linked to ovarian cancer. It’s designed to wick way moisture away from the skin but unfortunately, it’s caused more harm than they’re willing to admit.

        Hip Implants

        If you have a metal on metal hip Implant you might notice that you are suffering grinding and discomfort. A lot of people who have metal on metal hip and plants are suffering because there is a release of metal particles in the body when they are grinding together. Right now they have no way to prevent you from suffering from this problem and the health implications can be anything from having a heart attack to having thyroid problems. You should absolutely reach out to our Fort Myers medical device defect lawyers to learn what your rights are.

        Breast Implants

        For over 10 years in the United States, breast implants made out of silicone were banned because there was a high rate of them rupturing and leading to serious illnesses, including cancer, fibromyalgia, arthritis and more. Back in 2006, this ban was lifted and since then many people have suffered serious health conditions. The company Mentor received approval from the FDA for their breast implants, but they have been linked to causing lymphoma as well as other health issues with people who have used them.

        Hernia Mesh

        When people need a hernia repair, 90% of the time, they are going to use hernia mesh in this country even though there are well known health risks. Hernia mesh is used to help the muscle tissue get strong again however the risks are damage to your other organs. This can cause serious issues with internal organs including your intestines which could lead to a bowel obstruction or inflammation. You could have chronic pain even. The FDA has yet to make a recall for most hernia mesh products and patients are often provided very little medical warning before they get them put in.

        Proton Pump Inhibitors

        Those who have serious heartburn often use a proton pump inhibitor to treat their symptoms. People all over the world use this. The most common ones that you see are Nexium and Prilosec. Unfortunately these types of medications have been linked to issues with bone fractures, kidney disease and dementia even. We’ve seen lawsuits filed against AstraZeneca saying that this company knew that there were serious side effects, but they didn’t do anything to market the drug with the proper warning.

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        The Liable Party in Medical Device Injury Cases

        Depending on what happened to you when you file your case the liable party could be one of many different people or entities including the following:

        Typically the liable party manufactures the product, is the lab where the product is made, is the sales marketing who sold this to your doctor, is the doctor who told you to get this device without warning you of the dangers, is the hospital who distributed it or it’s the supplier of the medical device.

        Getting the Compensation You Deserve

        When we file a case for a medical device defect, we often need to prove that you have your injuries which we can do through your medical records. We need to also have proof that this device was either manufactured, marketed or designed in a defective way. Furthermore we have to show that because of this it resulted in your injury. Oftentimes, our clients suffer serious health consequences after a medical device defect has injured them. More often than not it’s not a device that you can simply throw away because it’s in your body for most people. We urge you to get it removed as soon as you possibly can and either replaced with a product that’s not defected or remove it completely and never touch it again. All of this adds pain and stress to your life, and you deserve full compensation.

        Call Our Fort Myers Medical Device Defect Lawyers Right Away

        Our Fort Myers medical device defect lawyers are here to help you get the representation you need after you have suffered serious health issues related to a faulty medical device. We fight like you are our own family. We want you to get justice in the fullest and fairest possible amount. Please don’t hesitate to call us and set up a free first consultation today.

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        We have used Goldstein, Buckley, Cechman, Rice & Purtz in the past and presently and they always provide great customer service. They are very knowledgeable and thorough in their representation and always go the extra mile to make sure we’re represented fairly. Highly recommend!

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