Don’t Ruin Your Medical Device Injury Case

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Selecting a Medical Device Injury Attorney

Don't Ruin Your Medical Device Injury CaseThe best way to pick a law firm or lawyer to handle your medical device claim is to look at their experience and whether or not they have the capabilities to process these claims. Medical device claims generally involve engineering issues because there’s a defective product and therefore the engineers must be brought on board to give opinions as to whether the product is actually defective. As such, it’s necessary to find a law firm like ours that has experience in handling medical device claims.

Medical Device Injury Case Timeline

There’s no stated or standard amount of time that it takes for a medical device injury claim to resolve in Florida but because of the complexities of them and the fact that many times they end up in what’s known as multidistrict litigation and a central federal court somewhere in the country, they generally take anywhere from three to six years to resolve, but it could be less. Sometimes, the manufacturers will have programs set up to settle claims quicker. Either way, our firm is ready, willing, and able to handle these claims for you.

Medical Device Injury Case Value

There are several ways that we evaluate medical device injury claims in Florida. We look at different factors that are involved in the case, from the amount of medical expenses incurred as a result of the defective device to the impact that the defective device has had on the individual, including their quality of life and earning capacity. All this and more go into the evaluation process. There is no magic formula and therefore we really listen closely to our clients when we evaluate these type of claims.

Mistakes After a Medical Device Injury Claim

One of the biggest mistakes people make with a medical device injury claim in Florida is not preserving the defective product, called an explant. When an implant is replaced, the explant, the old part, should be preserved as evidence because, many times, the explant will have evidence of the defect. Most times and many times, that explant is not preserved because of burial hazard issues and things of that nature, but at all costs, if you particularly think you have a medical device injury claim that you should preserve the old product and many hospitals and doctors would be willing to do that for you, but you have to ask in advance. Be sure to preserve the evidence. It’s very critical in these cases.

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