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        Cape Coral Nursing Home Abuse Lawyers

        Serving Fort MyersCape CoralLehigh Acres, Lee County, Naples, Collier County,  Port Charlotte, and Charlotte County, FL

        Making the decision to put a loved one in a nursing home can be very uncomfortable and stressful. We understand that when you make big decisions like that you hope your loved one will be cared for. If you’re here reading this page, however, you either know or you have suspected that your loved one has been a victim of nursing home negligence or abuse. It can be hard to discern sometimes whether or not they for sure are a victim, so having the help of our Cape Coral nursing home abuse lawyers is going to help bring you the justice you deserve. Call us today to set up your free, first consultation.

        Signs You Should Be on the Lookout For

        It’s very important that if you have any suspicions that your loved one is suffering from neglect or abuse at a nursing home, you take note of the signs. We want to be able to collect these signs in concrete evidence that we can use against the liable party and show them exactly what they did wrong. This will help our case become more successful.

        Unfortunately, a lot of the times with nursing home negligence or abuse it’s not blatantly obvious that it’s happening. Sometimes, it’s one acute incident and other times it’s small things that accumulate that you might not notice for quite some time, unfortunately. We want you to keep a look out for all of it. Take note of the condition that your loved one is living in and how their health seems to be. If they’re losing weight, ask why. If you notice bruises and unexplained injuries, you should be wary that they’re being mistreated. Collect the evidence as best as you can then reach out to us.

        One sign that shows whether or not a facility is mistreating their patients is the conditions that they leave them in. If you notice that their bedding isn’t changed and they have soil themselves and it seems to be that they were sitting on it for quite some time, you should take note of that. If your loved one is looking unhealthy and they seem weak, it might be because of malnutrition. We want to keep note of minor as well as dramatic changes in their well-being.

        Another type of abuse is psychological or mental abuse, which is quite common. Unfortunately, not everybody is in the profession to take care of people and they mistreat their patients. If you noticed that your loved one’s mental health is suffering or they seem scared and nervous around certain staff members, you should consider that a sign that they might be suffering some sort of psychological abuse.

        It’s better to be safe than sorry. If you notice them experiencing anything that could indicate neglect or abuse it’s time to reach out to our Cape Coral nursing home abuse lawyers to see what can be done. Do you want to make sure that you’re taking its best care of them as possible and we are sure that if you’re here reading this page you’re doing everything you can to make sure your loved ones are safe as well as taking care of legally if their rights are being violated.

        Examples of Nursing Home Negligence

        In case you’re unsure what you’re looking for here are some examples of nursing home neglect and abuse that should give you an idea of what would warrant filing a case:

        A nursing home resident with Alzheimer’s was left unattended in a wheelchair by a staircase without their wheelchair being locked and during the time where the staff left them without any assistance, they tried to get out of their wheelchair but ended up tumbling down the stairs.

        A resident who is recently out of surgery had been left to sit in their feces and urine in their bed for days without having their sheets changed which led to an infection.

        The residents in the nursing home were being under fed and not given the proper nutrition that they needed. The malnutrition left the patients under weight and during a pandemic left them with a lowered immune system because they weren’t getting the nutrition they needed.

        If you are still unsure of whether or not your loved one’s case would be enough to file a lawsuit against the nursing home, we urge you to reach out to our Cape Coral nursing home abuse lawyers today for a free consultation.

        Getting the Representation You Deserve

        If your loved one was lost because of nursing home abuse the amount of things that you have to think about right now it’s probably overwhelming and the last thing that you’re ready to take on is the stress of a case which is why we handle all of the planning for you. We understand that you were likely consumed with arrangements for the funeral and grief that is overbearing and adding a lawsuit to your plate can feel very impossible but we want to be there for you so that not only can you go through this time of grief you are also fighting to get justice. Our Cape Coral nursing home abuse lawyers are here to help you through your case to ensure that you have the time you need for yourself and your family while we provide you with the legal support that you deserve. You don’t have to choose between your family and your lawsuit you can do both because we will help you through it.

        We would like to meet with you for a free, first consultation to get to know what happened to your loved one so that we can start doing things we need to do to give you a successful case,  building a strong foundation so we can go up against the liable party’s insurance company and come up with a fair offer for you.

        We fight hard for you to seek justice in the form of financial compensation because we want to hold these liable parties accountable for all of the harm that they’ve caused you both monetarily and otherwise. We understand that the insurance company wants to cover their own and save themselves money, but we need to make sure that you are getting justice because after all you are the one who has suffered a violation of rights.

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        Your Case Value

        There are often money damages involved with nursing home abuse cases that you should be able to receive compensation. Your compensation award for this case is meant to cover all of your financial loss related to the incident that was a result of the abuse or negligence. It can include anything from the medical treatment or medication needed for your loved one to any surgical bills as well as physical therapy costs.

        You might be able to receive rehabilitation fees if that is appropriate for your case which our Cape Coral nursing home abuse lawyers will help you determine. This is not only limited to physical therapy but also psychological if your loved one had to go through mental and emotional abuse at the hands of the nursing home. All of these damages are included in the category of economic damages in which those you would’ve had to pay out of pocket for.

        Something that we will also fight to receive for you or your non-economic damages for your loved one which is meant to compensate for all of the ways that the incident have negatively impacted their life. If they suffered a lot of pain and suffering or mental and emotional anguish, they deserve the compensation for all of that abuse. Any negative implication that this person had in their life deserves compensation. Our Cape Coral nursing home abuse lawyers know how very important your non-economic damages are for your case.

        If you’ve lost a loved one in a nursing home abuse or negligence case, then you are not only entitled to compensation for this grief that you are feeling you’re also entitled to the funeral and burial costs as well as any medical treatment that they underwent. We will fight to get you every penny of that.

        Call Our Cape Coral Nursing Home Abuse Lawyers Today

        If you know or have reason to believe that your loved one is a victim of nursing home neglect and abuse, please get in touch with us as soon as you possibly can. We hope to hear from you immediately after you have suspicions that your loved one is being treated wrong and the rights are being violated. We want to hold the liable party accountable for what they’ve done to your loved one. Call us today and set up your first free consultation with our Cape Coral nursing home abuse lawyers today.

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