Reporting Nursing Home Abuse

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    Reporting Nursing Home Abuse

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      Reporting Nursing Home Abuse

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        Learn about reporting nursing home abuse in Southwest Florida to protect your loved one in this educational video. Then, give our attorneys a call to get started.


        How do I report nursing home abuse in Southwest Florida?


        Reporting a nursing home negligence claim starts at the facility. Documentation is important. Once something comes up that you or a loved one experience or hear about, making sure you work through the chain of command and make it known there at the ground level immediately. The next important thing to do is pick up the phone and call an experienced attorney to get in and work with you to document these things and to work through what the legislature in Tallahassee has put in front of folks that want to bring claims for nursing home negligence. There are timeframes and time limits associated with reporting and documenting that you need to keep in mind. Some exist on a much more formal level than simply letting the folks at the nursing home know what is going on. As such, getting out in front of it early on, making sure you’re raising complaints and issues with any and everyone who will listen to you at the actual facility but also reaching out to an attorney to make sure that they are working on your behalf to document this through the appropriate governmental entities are all essential.

        Has a loved one of yours been abused while under care in a nursing home in Florida and have questions about reporting nursing home abuse? Contact our experienced Southwest Florida nursing home abuse lawyers today for a free consultation and case evaluation.

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