Boat Accident Claim Timeline

Were you injured in Southwest Florida and have questions about boat accident claim timeline? Check out this video to learn how long a case can take.


How long will my boat accident claim take in Southwest Florida?


Resolving a boating accident injury claim in Florida can under certain circumstances take some time. There are other circumstances where once the pieces are all put together early and we tie a tight, nice little bow around the facts of the case, how the accident occurred, your injuries, your damages, ultimately what this meant for you – documentation is obviously key, so the earlier on you get an attorney involved, the more likely your case is to resolve at some point in time early in the process. That’s not to say they all do, but documenting and getting the right folks attorney-wise involved in your case early on helps you try and put the case to bed before jumping through all the legal hoops that come along with filing a lawsuit and working through a court system in order to potentially try your case in front of a jury if we can’t get it settled at any point in time along the way. It depends on so many facts and so many variables, but getting the right attorneys involved like us at Goldstein, Buckley, Cechman, Rice & Purtz goes a long way to hopefully getting this put behind you at some point in time early on in the process as opposed to letting it drag out for years and years, which can occur working our way through the court systems.

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