5 Things To Know After a Boat Wreck

Have you recently been injured in a boat accident in Florida? Learn about the 5 things to know about a boat wreck, then call our attorneys now.

1) Selecting a Boat Accident Attorney

5 Things To Know After a Boat WreckThere are very specialized laws and circumstances that come into play when folks are injured out on the water. You want to find the right attorneys that deal with these cases not just once a month, not just once a year but continually over time. We handle boating accident cases from the very early stages all the way through trial. We are very experienced in putting together the certain factors that need to come into play to maximize the value of your boating accident injury case, and choosing the right attorney is making sure you have someone you can trust, that you know has experience in these areas.

2) Mistakes After a Boat Accident Claim

The most common mistake we see with people in a boating accident injury case in Florida is not wanting to blame your friends. Let’s be honest. More times than not, boating accident injury cases occur when you’re out and about with friends, family members, and you’re out having a good time trying to enjoy the water, and you ultimately are severely and permanently injured by a simple mistake made by an acquaintance of yours often that is operating the vessel. A lot of people seem to believe that that’s not something that they should seek justice for because it’s their friend or a family member.

We certainly understand that, and we can understand the apprehension that comes along with that kind of event. At the same point in time, this is an event more times than not that is going to affect you for the remainder of your days, weeks, and years on this planet, and these injuries can be very severe. So, instead of having the initial thought of “I don’t know if this is the right path to take for me” what we would suggest is contacting an attorney.

In addition there, too, boating accident and injury cases generally involve multiple different facets. There can and more likely than not are multiple parties that are at fault, not including you, the injured party, for the incident occurring. For example, someone renting a boat to someone else requires duties and obligations. What we can do in addressing any of those concerns that you may have in your boating accident case is look at other potential avenues of recovery that are available to you. Simply because you’re injured and you may be a little bit apprehensive, we suggest you don’t sweep it under the rug and just think you’ll get better. These are going to be things that you’re going to deal with more often than not for the remainder of your years, and they’re certainly things you did not sign up for.

3) Taking the First Boat Accident Settlement Offer

In a boat accident injury case, it is typically not advisable to take the insurance company’s first offer. Insurance companies are notorious for trying to move files off their desk and simply get you, the injured party, out of the way so they can deal with the many other claims that they have. A lot of times the first offer from an insurance company is not taking into account the full extent and amount of your damages because a lot of times you’re still working your way through your medical care and treatment. A lot of times the first offer is not really given with the full investigation underway into a conclusion, so taking the first offer more times than not is the insurance company’s attempt to get you out of their way. Don’t let the insurance companies win.

4) Boat Accident Attorney Fees

For your boat accident injury claim, hiring us at Goldstein, Buckley, Cechman, Rice & Purtz costs you absolutely nothing. We are happy to evaluate your claim, talk to you first, and then hopefully sign you up as our client to pursue justice for you without any cost to you initially. You will never see a bill from us. We will never ask you to write us a check. What we do, and what we’re certainly happy to do, is work your case, develop your case, put together a comprehensive damages packet analysis for the insurance companies and try to get your case resolved, otherwise we go try your case. We’re happy to do that as well, but you do not owe us anything unless we are successful for you.

We work on what’s called a contingency fee basis, which means a certain percentage of what we recover as a result of your injuries and damages would come to us for the work that we performed on your case. You also do not owe us anything for the costs associated with the case. That’s not something we would ask you to write us a check for up front. We incur those costs on your behalf, and later based upon the amount of the settlement or the judgment, we can recoup those costs based upon money that we have secure and achieved for you, so ultimately the idea is if we are not successful for you in your case, you will not owe us a dime.

5) Boat Accident Case Going to Trial

Boat accident injury cases sometimes go to trial. More often than not, they settle short of trial, but certain circumstances, depending on the facts of the case, may entail your boating accident injury case to make its way all the way through the court system to a jury trial, but ultimately, there will be settlement offers along the way as long as you’ve hired the right attorneys to put the pieces together for you but also for presentation to the insurance company. Getting the case resolved can happen at any point in time along the way. There are cases that resolve very early. There are cases that resolve on the courthouse steps just before the trial begins. It all depends on the certain facts and circumstances in the case measured against your wants and desires as the client seeking full justice for you.

Have you or a loved one recently been injured in a boat accident in Florida and have questions about the 5 things to know about a boat wreck? Contact our experienced Southwest Florida boat accident lawyers today for a free consultation and case evaluation.

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