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Lehigh Acres Negligent Security Lawyers 

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When you go onto public property, you often aren’t thinking about what could go wrong. You’re likely thinking about what you have to do. Unfortunately, because of the negligence of some property owners, terrible things can happen. If you were here reading this page, then you likely know of some of the incidents that can happen when property is poorly managed. If you have been injured on somebody else’s property and you think it could’ve been avoided had the property owner taken some measures to keep you safe for our Lehigh Acres negligent Security lawyers want to hear from you right away. You deserve justice for the injuries you’ve had to suffer. Call today to set up a free consultation.

What is a Negligent Security Claim?

There are many ways that you can define negligent security because it’s not just one type of incident. For you to get a better understanding of what negligent security is here are some examples of cases:

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    A young woman headed to her car in a parking ramp late at night gets assaulted and robbed by an attacker with a gun and they stole her purse and car keys as well as her car. She suffered serious injuries during this altercation with the criminal, lost tons of sensitive personal information in her purse and lost her car. The owner of the parking ramp knew that there were security measures that should have and could’ve been taken such as cameras, night security, signs telling people that this is a space that is on recording as well as proper lighting. Since the owner of the parking ramp didn’t do these things, they can be held liable for the incident.

    A college student living in a dorm was sexually assaulted and beaten nearly to death in their bed late at night. Although they did survive this encounter, they learn later on that someone was allowed into the living area without proper identification and that person broke into their dorm and assaulted them. They suffered serious Mental health issues following the incident and they brought a claim against the college for having negligent security.

    If you have gone through something similar where you have experienced property damage and physical harm that could’ve easily been avoided had a property owner done something differently to keep you more secure and safer than you should reach out to us as soon as you possibly can. Our Lehigh Acres negligent security lawyers are here to help you throughout your case every step of the way to make sure that you end up with the results that you deserve.

    The following are the types of incidents most commonly seen in negligent security cases:

    • Robbery and mugging
    • Violent crimes (sexual assault, battery, aggravated assault)
    • Vandalism

    If you’re still not sure whether or not you should file a claim, we hope that you call and set up your free first consultation with us as soon as you possibly can. The sooner you get the information the better off you will be and the closer you will be to justice for this. We are waiting for your call today.

    We understand that you might hesitate to reach out because you’ve heard that these cases can be expensive but that is a common misconception. Our Lehigh Acres negligent security lawyers work on a contingency fee basis meaning we do not get paid unless we win your case and he will never pay an upfront fee for our representation.

    Where These Incidents Tend to Happen

    Negligent security cases can be very different depending on what happens to somebody. They aren’t always the same incident in the same type of place. There are several different venues and arenas and centers where this might happen to somebody and it’s important for you to know that you have a right to reach out to our Lehigh Acres negligent security lawyers to find out whether or not you have a case because you don’t know until you ask.

    Some more common places where negligent security accidents or incidents happen are at grocery stores, shopping malls, hotels or motels, schools or colleges especially dorm room areas, assisted living centers, offices, sport arenas, nursing homes, hospitals, daycares. Essentially anywhere there is public space that is owned by someone we are security measures could prevent an incident or an accident if you are hurt there you might have a case for negligent security.

    If you’ve experienced an incident somewhere else and you’re not sure whether or not you can file a claim for negligent security the best way for you to find out what your rights are is to talk to our Lehigh Acres negligent security lawyers who will do a thorough look at your case and tell you what you should be doing next and will help you all along the process to make sure that if you do have a case you are pursuing it properly.

    Claim Process

    The claim process starts when you call our Lehigh Acres negligent security lawyers to start your case. Right after you have been injured and you have already sought medical attention you need to make that phone call and set up your free first consultation.

    We need to get started right away gathering proof that will help us successfully navigate this case. We need to be able to prove who the property owner was at the time and that they indeed were the owner at the time of your incident. We didn’t have to prove that they knew that there was some sort of safety measure that they were not taking that could possibly prevent something like what happened to you from happening. An example of that would be security cameras in a parking lot. Once we can show that they knew that there was a safety risk, but they did nothing to do anything about that, then we need to show that had they acted differently you would’ve been spared from harm. 

    We understand some people want to do things by themselves and take on a big lawsuit like this alone. We strongly suggest, however, that you get help from somebody who does this on a daily basis and knows exactly what they’re doing so you don’t have to worry about anything other than getting better and becoming whole again.

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    Your Case Value 

    It’s hard for us to figure out the case value before we get to know what happened to you. We need to figure out all the details surrounding your accident or incident and determine what your case value should be based on the factors we will discuss below. Our Lehigh Acres negligent security lawyers aren’t going to be able to tell you during your first, free consultation what your case value will be because we won’t know all the details yet.

    We base your compensation award on your economic and non-economic damages.

    Economic damages are things that have cost you money having been involved in this negligent security incident. If you have had to pay out of pocket expenses or have lost earnings because of your injuries, then that is considered economic damage to you. It can be lost wages and benefits, as well as medical bills. This can account for your past and future expenses or losses.

    Non-economic damages are a little trickier to calculate because there is no dollar figure attached to your pain and suffering. We do thoroughly research how this incident has impacted your physical health as well as your mental and emotional well-being. If you were somebody who survived an assault and you suffer PTSD which prevents you from living life like you used to, you deserve compensation for that non-economic damage.

    Here is an example that can help you understand how someone’s case might be valued:

    Let’s say, for instance, we are representing someone who was mugged in a grocery store parking lot. During the mugging, they were physically injured suffering a concussion and a broken wrist. Throughout the recovery process, they were suffering panic attacks and anxiety. The economic damages here are going to be whatever this person stole from her as well as whatever she’s had to pay or will have to pay in both past and future medical bills. Non-economic damages would include her pain and suffering for as long as she is in the process of getting better, as well as all of the anxiety that she’s had to go through after being involved in this incident. Maybe she will never be able to go to the grocery store without somebody going with her ever again. That’s a huge change to someone’s life. We will fight to get full compensation for all of these damages.

    Call Our Lehigh Acres Negligent Security Lawyers

    When you have been injured on someone else’s property we hope that you reach out to our Lehigh Acres negligent security lawyers as soon as you possibly can. We want to fight to help get you the fairest possible amount of compensation we can get for you. This is a horrible time for you, and we want to make it less stressful by handling all aspects of your legal case. Call today and get your free, first consultation.

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