2020 Gulf Coast Humane Society Donation to Support Pets

For nearly 60 years, the staff at Goldstein, Buckley, Cechman, Rice & Purtz has supported our communities. Our most recent support has been our 2020 Gulf Coast Humane Society donation of pet food.

We don’t mind that Gulf Coast Humane Society (GCHS) Community Relations Coordinator Brian Wierima brings his four-legged assistant to our office. Lemmy, a French and English bulldog mix Wierima adopted, comes to our office to pick up donations.

In addition, my husband and fellow partner Christopher and I have two rescued pups of our own. Our dogs, Boo and Thunder, come to the office with us sometimes, too. Boo, a deaf Catahoula mix, was adopted from GCHS. We recently adopted Thunder from another local rescue.

2020 Gulf Coast Humane Society Donation

Our office’s expert coupon-clipper, legal assistant Emily Miller, stretches donated dollars to maximize our support. With Miller’s help, a recent 2020 Gulf Coast Humane Society donation of food was worth more than $4,800. The 1,066 cans of cat food, 314 bags of dog food and 186 treats bags were enough to fill a van and a pickup truck!

To help people struggling after losing their jobs, GCHS has been collecting donations of pet food and treats. The food is distributed at Community Cooperative’s area food pantries to make sure people can keep their pets at home. Since the beginning of April, GCHS has given out 7 tons of pet food at 26 mobile food pantries in Lee County.

Wierima said our humane society donation was the largest single one he has seen in his four years with GCHS. The food was helpful in launching the Pet Food 4 Furever Families. In addition, people fostering shelter pets received food. Shelter officials expected to see owners giving up their pets during the pandemic, but the food seems to have kept that from happening.

About the Gulf Coast Humane Society

GCHS is a nonprofit, no-kill shelter that does not receive any government or Humane Society of the United States support. To supply medical care, shelter and adoptive homes, GCHS relies on community funding.

Pets are important to ease loneliness during the pandemic. Also, they can reduce anxiety and depression. Additionally, companionship, routine, connection, touch, attention and affection are just some of the other needs met by pets. Animals can teach us the importance of helping and relying on each other. In addition to excellent legal services, helping community is at the center of our firm’s core values.

Other Community Support

In addition to our 2020 Gulf Coast Humane Society Donation, we are sponsoring Walk Like MADD in September and DUI enforcement efforts. We also collect donations for veterans, Community Cooperative, Eva’s Closet, area schools, Alliance for the Arts and Toys for Tots. We educate motorcyclists through Bike Night, and other outreach events.

As a law firm, our mission is to help those who need someone to fight for them. As a part of the community, our goal is to make a positive difference through support, leadership and volunteering. To support the Gulf Coast Humane Society, visit here.