Driving in Scary Southwest Florida Storms

Driving in Southwest Florida Storms

Southwest Florida has a tropical climate with short, warm winters, and lengthy hot, humid summers. Because of the heat and humidity, Southwest Florida is known to produce frequent storms, waterspouts and even hurricanes. Driving in storms is sometimes unavoidable, therefore it is imperative drivers know and understand the additional risks and safety measures of driving in heavy winds or rain.

Storm Winds

While winds may not seem like a major concern on the roads, a strong gust of wind should not be taken lightly. The following tips will help drivers manage the additional risks strong winds bring.

    • Anticipate gusts. Be informed on the weather forecast if high winds are possible. Also, be aware of areas prone to high wind such as open areas, overpasses, tunnels and mountainous areas.
    • Be alert to large vehicles. Larger vehicles such as tractor trailers and RVs can swerve or veer off course due to strong wind gusts.
    • Keep a firm grip on the steering wheel. Larger vehicles will be blown off course more easily however in high winds all drivers should have a firm grip on the steering wheel.

Rain Storms

Rain storms are an additional danger of the road because visibility is reduced and hydroplaning can occur. To help increase your safety in the rain, drivers should follow the following tips.

    • Take your time. Driving slowly reduces the risks of hydroplaning. Drivers should also be aware that when rain first begins it is extra slippery from the oils on the road.
    • Turn your lights on. Florida’s laws require drivers to have their headlights on when it’s raining.
    • Give other vehicles more space. This will allow you more time to stop and more time for those behind you to stop.

While driving in high winds and rain present additional challenges on the roads, the safety tips above will help ensure your trip is as safe possible. Accidents do happen, however. If you or someone you know has been involved in a car accident due to another driver’s negligence, it is important to know who to call.

Who to Call

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