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Several hands hold a "2021" sign against a starry sky
Car Accidents

Personal Injuries on New Year’s Eve

Can’t wait to celebrate the end of 2020? Be careful! Unfortunately, personal injuries on New Year’s Eve and Day are not uncommon. Causes of personal …

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In the foreground: a black car with a smashed-in window. In the background: a semitruck.
Justice Starts Now Blog

2020 Truck Accidents in the United States and Florida

The sheer number of truck accidents in the United States and Florida make accidents with passenger cars likely. With 164,000 miles of the national highways, …

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Prevent semi-truck accidents in the United States and Florida - like this one.
Justice Starts Now Blog

Semi-Truck Accidents

Semi-Truck Accidents in Florida and the United States On the over 164,000 miles of the US National Highway System, there are millions of semi-trucks weighing …

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