I had accompanied an existing client of the firm to their appointment. While there it was shared with the firm my situation which had only occurred a day before. Right then and there the firm listened to what had happened and explained to me what types of cases they handled and asked me would I like for them to look into my information to see if what had happened resulted in a case. AS it turned out, the firm informed me they would be able to pursue forward and since then I became part of the family.

The members of the firm contacted me via phone and mail to ensure I was okay and ensuring I followed the recommendations of the referrals needed, and to also see that I was being taken care of with respect and timeliness.

From the time you call the office the staff recognizes you by name and ask how are you and then forwards the call to your attorney and their staff. With each encounter whether it’s via phone or in person, the wait is never long and the hospitality was welcomed. If you needed to see additional people outside the firm, a meeting is arranged for clarification of the purpose of the meeting and time for questions which puts the unknown to rest.

Another added benefit to this firm are the various locations and with each office the staff are polite and attentive and the locations are easy to find.

I believe in this firm’s ability to look out for the best outcome, and I walk with their number so I could give it to others that might benefit from their expertise. I have referred others to the firm and those who have gone have called me back to thank me for doing so.

I am satisfied with the level of professionalism this firm demonstrates.