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Maybe your parents took you to an empty parking lot to teach you how to drive as a teenager. That may be one of the safest parking lot experiences you will have. With slow moving vehicles, one would think parking lots are safer than roads. But one of every five motor vehicle accidents and 14% […]

Despite efforts every year to increase awareness of motorcycle and bicycle safety, there’s no getting around that accidents happen. More cars, more people and more distractions guarantee it. The combination of great motorcycle weather and distracted or inattentivedrivers of motor vehicles in Florida is deadly. Nearly 600 motorcycle riders are killed on Florida roads each […]

Nearly everyone will need healthcare at some point. Being a patient means putting your trust in someone else. While most Americans have had positive experiences with healthcare providers, 21 percent of adults report having personally experienced medical error, according to a national survey released in 2017 by the Institute for Healthcare Improvement (IHI) and the […]

Product Liability and Toy Injuries While the enjoyment of receiving the newest gadgets, toys and accessories is a wondrous time during the holidays, sometimes the latest inventions don’t always hold up to standards. Each year thousands of children are taken to the emergency room due to toy-related injuries. According to the U.S. Product Safety Commission […]

Personal Injury While Shopping in Southwest Florida Retailers should do their best to make your shopping experience the safest it can be. The retail industry in the United States is incredibly large, and growing. According to the CDC, over 5 million Americans are employed through retail stores.¹ Florida is one of the busiest shopping states […]

Florida Slips, Trips and Falls Falls are the 3rd leading cause of unintentional death according to the National Safety Council (NSC). As people age, the likelihood of a fall increases. Injury Facts 2016 reports that among Americans age 65 and older falls are the number one cause of injury related death. Stats for Slip, Trip, […]

Personal Injury On Vacation in Southwest Florida Vacation is one of the least convenient times to sustain an injury. Disappointment due to foiled rest and relaxation due to pain is compounded by unfamiliar locations, doctors, and hospitals. Unforeseen costs can make an already pricey getaway even more expensive. Injuries sustained on vacations can be caused […]

Food Poisoning in Southwest Florida Restaurants From 1998 to 2015, 52 people in Florida died due to foodborne illnesses, or food poisoning.¹ This is compounded by over 31,000 illnesses and over 2,000 hospitalizations. Food poisoning is actually a reaction to harmful bacteria, viruses, and microbes that enter the body through food. While it is possible […]

Fire Prevention Week Fire Prevention Week took place from October 8th through October 14th with Fire Prevention Day occurring on October 9th. During the upcoming holidays, many Americans enjoy burning scented candles, decorating with extra holiday lighting and of course cooking bountiful meals. As careful as you may be with candles, lighting and cooking, accidents […]

Exploding Cell Phones When Samsung announced the Galaxy Note 7, it promised a state of the art, efficient smart phone meant to make consumer’s lives easier. However, the month following the release in 2016 was marred by reports of overheating devices, leading to fire, explosion, and personal injury. While the causes of this defect are […]