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Passenger Van Accidents

Call your personal injury attorney if you are involved in passenger van accidents.

Passenger Van Accidents in Southwest Florida Like any vehicle, passenger van accidents can be a common occurrence during the seasonal months in Southwest Florida. Passenger vans are large vehicles usually designed to transport 12-15 people. Organizations often use passenger vans because they are convenient for transporting small groups and are less cumbersome to drive than […]

Avoiding Common Workplace Accidents

A workplace accidents injury form and medical equipment

Workplace Accidents, Fatigue and Injuries Fatigue is generally defined as the feeling of extreme tiredness, sleepiness or exhaustion resulting from prolonged physical or mental work, illness or lack of sleep. To some people, fatigue may not seem like a big concern, but when fatigue is experienced in the workplace, on the job fatigue can compromise […]

Broadside/T-Bone Collision

A broadside/T-bone collision with two mid-sized sedan cars

Broadside/T-Bone Collision T-bone collisions are also known as broadside collisions or right-angle collisions.  A T-bone collision is a car accident that occurs when a one-vehicle is struck by the front or rear of another vehicle, forming the letter “T.”  A broadside/T-bone collision is likely to be more severe than other types of car accidents, however, […]