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    Southwest Florida Hurricane Ian Insurance Claims Lawyers

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      Southwest Florida Hurricane Ian Insurance Claims Lawyers

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        Southwest Hurricane Ian Insurance Claims Lawyers

        Serving Fort Myers, Cape Coral, Lehigh Acres, Lee County, Naples, Collier County,  Port Charlotte, and Charlotte County, FL

        Did you recently get hit by hurricane Ian and now are being denied by your insurance company for a claim that they should be covering? Our Southwest Florida hurricane Ian insurance claims lawyers can help you get the results that you need. We will fight tirelessly to provide you with the coverage that you deserve to help repair after hurricanes Ian. Call us right away to get started.

        Filing a Case 

        As you very well know, hurricane Ian caused destruction to neighborhoods, communities and surrounding areas. Because of this there is a lot of property damage and people suffer devastation and emotional turmoil. When you have an insurance policy that is supposed to cover hurricane and storm damage you might wonder why they’re denying your claim. Not only are you a victim of mother nature but now you are a victim of your insurance company withholding what they should be giving to you. Insurance companies, after all, are businesses. They want to make a profit and that can motivate them to act in certain ways such as trying to deny a claim that they should be paying. They either do that or they try to pay as little as they possibly can when you come to them for a hurricane property damage claim. This happens to way too many people who have never missed a payment and rely on their insurance to help them recover from this. We don’t want to let this happen to you. If you have recently been affected by hurricane Ian, you need to check your insurance policy to make sure that everything is secured for you. We can help you prepare for a major storm and fight for your compensation that your insurance company should be giving you. Your insurance company is not giving you the claim that you deserve, and you have been hit by hurricane Ian. We hope that you reach out to our Southwest Florida hurricane Ian insurance claims lawyers today. We want to help you get the results you deserve and will fight like you are our own family.

        Hurricane Ian Resources to Help Our Community

        Here are a few Hurricane Ian resources available to help our community recover. We are heartbroken by the devastation and hardship caused by Hurricane Ian to the community, our staff and our clients. However, we know through 60 years of service that Southwest Florida is a community that supports one another. We share sadness with all who have been impacted but remain resolved to stand with our community to come back strong.

        General Hurricane Ian Resources

        • FEMA
        Disaster victims can obtain additional information and apply for disaster assistance through FEMA in several ways. A toll-free number has been established by FEMA for disaster victims to apply for certain types of disaster programs and obtain information about others. Phone: (800) 621-FEMA (3362) FEMA Disaster Fraud Hotline at 1-866-720-5721.
        • State Disaster Recovery Center
        A collaboration with more than 10 agencies, including FEMA, it is designed to provide a one-stop shop for individuals and businesses looking for disaster help. In addition, mental health professionals can offer counseling and support, and five SpaceX Starlinks are in place to provide internet and cellular access. Lakes Regional Library 15290 Bass Road, Fort Myers, FL Open from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. daily. Port Charlotte Town Center 1441 Tamiami Trail Open from 8 a.m. to 6 p.m. daily Additional Disaster Recovery Centers will be opening in the coming days and other areas. Locations will be updated at
        • Internal Revenue Service has a disaster relief page with additional details on returns, payments and tax-related actions qualifying for the additional time.

        Hurricane Ian Resources for Businesses

        • Small Business Administration Disaster Loans
        The Small Business Administration provides low-interest disaster loans to help businesses and homeowners recover from declared disasters.
        • Enterprise Florida
        For businesses affected by Hurricane Ian, Enterprise Florida has provided a Disaster Assistance Resources Page with state and federal resources available for businesses.

        Hurricane Ian Resources for Homeowners

        Allows people with roof damage in Lee, Sarasota, Charlotte and Collier Counties to apply for a roof tarp to be provided and installed to cover their damaged roofs until arrangements can be made for permanent repairs. The service is free to homeowners.
        • Crisis Cleanup
        For assistance with damage from Hurricane Ian, call 800-451-1954 to ask for help. Crisis Cleanup connects residents with volunteers from local relief organizations, community groups and faith communities who may be able to assist with:
        • Cutting fallen trees
        • Drywall, flooring and appliance removal due to flooding
        • Tarping roofs
        • Mold mitigation
        Services are free, but not guaranteed due to overwhelming need. The hotline will remain open until Oct. 28, 2022
        • Housing Assistance
        If your family has been displaced, visit This free, statewide search platform is updated to ensure all listings are accurate and can help you quickly locate an affordable rental property. If you do not have Internet access, you may also call the following toll-free number for assistance in conducting a search: 1-877-428-8844.

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        Do This After a Hurricane

        Sadly, even if you do all of the right things to protect your property before a hurricane or tropical storm comes through you were going to end up with some type of damage. If you suffer damage to your house or your business after a storm you need to make sure that you do certain things to handle your insurance claim properly: I need to make sure that you properly cover all of your property damage to prevent water from getting in and causing even more damage. You can use a tarp to accomplish this. We strongly advise this action being taken because the insurance company Will use any reasoning to avoid following through on paying you for your damages. If they say that the damage to your property worsened after the storm happened, then they could say that you were to blame, and they will deny you from your claim. Make sure you document everything possible. You want to make sure you take photos and videos. Do it from all four sides of your house inside and out get as much of the roof as you can. Your yard is also going to be important to take photos of. You can’t take too many. you want every single room photographed from various angles. You can also photograph individual items in the house. When you have all of this evidence, we can use that to prove the losses that you’ve suffered and why you are filing your claim to begin with. You can also keep a log of written inventory of property that was damaged while you were taking photos. This is all going to make your case stronger. Make sure you file your claim right away. You don’t want to delay filing your insurance claim.

        Call Our Southwest Florida Hurricane Ian Insurance Claims Lawyers

        If your house or your business has had significant damage from hurricane Ian and your insurance company is not holding to your contract with them, please call our Southwest Florida hurricane Ian insurance claims lawyers right away. We have the skill set and knowledge needed to handle these cases successfully and provide you with the results that you need. We only get paid if we get a successful result for your case, so you never have to worry about upfront costs. Get started today and give us a call.

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