Click It or Ticket

The National Click It or Ticket campaign is in full swing through June 5, 2016.  Each year during the Memorial Day Weekend, law enforcement from coast to coast crack down on enforcing seat belt safety by delivering their message of Click It or Ticket across the nation.  According to the National Safety Council, about 100 people die in crashes each day, and more than 1,000 suffer life-changing injuries.  The Center of Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) reports that in 2012, Unintentional Motor Vehicle Traffic accidents were the number 1 leading cause of injury deaths for people ages 5-24 and the number 2 leading cause of injury deaths for people ages 25 and older. seat belt safety is imperative in car accidents

Seat Belt Safety

Seat belts, otherwise known as safety belts are devices which are made to protect occupants against injury if involved in a motor vehicle crash.  There are seat belt laws in place which require vehicle occupants to wear seat belts.  All U.S. States have seat belt laws in place except for New Hampshire.  Safety belt laws vary in each state with some laws requiring primary seat belt laws which makes it mandatory for front seat occupants to wear seat belts and secondary seat belt laws which include rear seat passengers to wear seat belts.  For more information about seat belt safety laws in your area visit Governors Highway Safety Association.

Auto Accidents

No one plans for an auto accident to happen.  Automobile accidents occur for many reasons such as:

Unfortunately, as proactive and as safe as you may be with your driving and seat belt safety, the fact remains that there are an abundance of drivers on the roads who may not practice safe driving habits.

Protect Your Rights

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