Safe Communities

Florida Safe Community CouncilThe Safe Communities America Program has a proven history of success. With partnership between the National Safety Council and local communities, data is utilized to determine leading injury causes and how best to prevent them. There are four components to the Safe Communities America Program.


  1. Bringing the NSC (National Safety Council) and community leaders for a common goal of safety and injury prevention.
  2. Using statistical data to determine leading causes of injury or fatality within the community
  3. Making a plan using proven methods to improve safety and injury prevention
  4. Measure success and continue to make necessary changes to the plan

Success Stories of Safe Communities America

Safe Communities America has a successful track record. Examples of recent successes are:

  • One community which had an increasing injury rate for 10 years sought Safe Communities America for accreditation. After the accreditation, the community had a 2-year decrease in hospitalizations due to injury and as many as 300 hospitalizations may have been prevented. Healthcare savings costs to the community were upward of $14 million.
  • Fire deaths in one Safe Community declined 74% after the community initiated a smoke alarm installation program.
  • 4.5 tons of prescription medications were collected in one community’s prescription drop boxes. Prescription drug overdoses were reduced, a pain management program without opioids was instituted, and the community promoted addiction and treatment awareness. Additionally, the community trained first responders on naloxone use.

While safety in the United States is on the rise, the number one cause of unintentional death in the U.S. remains from injuries. It is important to always put safety first and avoid any unnecessary risks that may result in injury. Accidents and injuries do happen however, and it is important to know who to call in the event you or a loved one suffer an injury due to the negligence of another.

Who to Call

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