Red Light Crashes

Red light cameras are seen at many intersections all over Southwest Florida and nationwide.  These cameras were installed to discourage drivers from running red lights.  Red light cameras are not installed to replace the law enforcement. They are intended to improve safety and help reduce the risk of red light crash injuries and fatalities. red light runner car accident

According to American Traffic Solutions (ATS), red light crashes are the most common type of urban crash.  The National Center for Statistics and Analysis, which is an office of the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), shows that approximately two lives were taken each day due to someone recklessly running red lights from 2009 through 2013.  Also, around half of the fatalities related to red light running crashes were typically occupants of other vehicles, bicyclists or pedestrians who were hit by the red light crashers.

Running Red Light Accidents

Although there are many red light cameras installed in intersections across the nation, there are still many drivers who fail to abide by these laws and attempt to save some time by crashing red lights.  Unfortunately, this unlawful act has caused many injuries as well as fatalities.

According to the Chicago Tribune, on June 7, 2016, a white Jaguar ran a red light causing a four car pile-up.  This incident resulted in a fatality and injuries to the occupants of the other vehicles.  The driver of the Jaguar was charged with reckless homicide.  In Las Vegas, two residents died due to injuries sustained after their vehicle was hit by a pickup truck that ran a red light.  The victim’s two dogs were also killed in the crash.  The occupants of the pickup truck were sent to UMC Trauma with serious to moderate injuries.  These are preventable crashes if drivers obey traffic signals.

Free Consultation for Red Light Crashes

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