What compensation am I entitled to for a slip and fall injury in Florida?

You’re entitled to compensation for your medical bills in the past as well as any medical bills that are reasonably certain to occur in the future. Those are medical bills that a doctor will say you are reasonably certain to have this certain procedure or this certain medical care done in the future. You are also able to recover for your lost wages in the past, as well as your lost wages that you will continue to have in the future because you can’t do your job. Also, lost earning capacity, which means that you were on a trajectory to make more money and you can’t make additional money because of your injuries. And then, finally, your pain and suffering damages, and that includes pain and suffering in the past, or from the date of the incident to the date that we resolve the case or the date of verdict, and pain and suffering damages in the future, which is your damages from the point of verdict going forward.