On July 1st a newborn child slipped out of the hands of a 30-year veteran nurse while the nurse was seated and caring for the infant. The infant was airlifted from the Family Beginnings Birthing Center to UPMC Children’s Hospital in Pittsburg. According to a release from the hospital, no initial injuries were discovered and the transfer was initiated as a precaution.

Later that morning, the child’s father, Damany Lewis,  told the local news station that his son had a fracture and bleeding skull but was in stable condition and would not require surgery. Eli’s mother, Jacqueline Hunt stated the pediatrician told the family that the nurse was feeding Eli and burping him and became drowsy, fell asleep and dropped him. She also said she was told about the accident about an hour after it happened– not immediately.

In an updated statement Wednesday [July 2nd], Josh Krysak, Coordinator of Community Relations at Uniontown Hospital, confirmed that after negative for injury at Uniontown Hospital, doctors at Children’s discovered Eli had “a minimally displaced skull fracture” but that “all indications we have received point to a full recovery.”

The hospital is conducting an internal investigation. The nurses status remains under review.

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