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Pay attention while to avoid personal injury while shopping, and stay safe this holiday season!
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Finish 2019 Strong! Stay Safe This Holiday Season

You are probably already making lists of things that need to be done during the hectic holiday season that seems to start earlier and get busier every year. I’m not being Scrooge when I say you might also want to make a list of things to watch out for this holiday season.

According to the Bureau of Transportation Statistics, the Thanksgiving and Christmas/New Year’s holidays are among the busiest travel periods during the year. For Thanksgiving planning, it’s important to note there’s another black day to think about in addition to Black Friday. It’s Blackout Wednesday, the Wednesday before Thanksgiving.

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Will your homeowner's insurance weather a hurricane season?
Civil Litigation

Hurricane Season Protect Your Home

Hurricane Season Protect Your Home Preparing for a hurricane goes way beyond buying water and flashlight batteries and should begin well before your home is …

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Just like this scratched bumper, parking lot hazards can result in accidents.
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Avoid Parking Lot Hazards By Reading the Signs

Maybe your parents took you to an empty parking lot to learn about parking lot hazards – and to teach you how to drive as …

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