Hurricane Irma Property Damage Claims Attorney

Hurricane Irma has come and gone leaving significant loss and damage across Southwest Florida. As you are dealing with the aftermath of the storm it is important to act quickly when filing your property damage claims. Many business and home owners in Florida pay a premium for insurance policies which are supposed to protect them from loss if their property incurs damages from a storm. Unfortunately, some insurance companies will minimize, delay or deny claims. If you have had damages to your property from Hurricane Irma such as roof damage, water damage, flooding, storm surge or storm loss, and your insurance company is trying to minimize, delay or deny your claim, contact us at Goldstein, Buckley, Cechman, Rice and Purtz. Our attorneys know how insurance companies work and we are here to fight for you.

Insurance Claims after Hurricane Irma

Dealing with insurance companies after a natural disaster can be as stressful as the hurricane itself. If you have homeowner’s insurance, flood insurance or other insurance policies which you are filing claims for, we can help you understand your policy and make sure that you receive the compensation that you deserve.

Tips for Filing Property Damage Claims

  • Call your Insurance Company & File Quickly – Call your insurance company as soon as possible and document all conversations. Most insurance policies require that you file your claims immediately after the damage occurs. If you delay filing your claim, insurance companies might try to minimize, delay or even deny your claim.
  • Take Pictures – Taking lots of pictures is very important. Pictures and documentation are important when showing the damages incurred and will help when seeking adequate compensation.
  • Choosing a Repair Company – You have the right to choose your own repair company. Make sure you hire a qualified, reputable company and not just choose one based on cost. Many insurance companies will guide you into choosing their preferred companies. These preferred companies may save the insurance company money but may not be the best suited to repair your property. Get several estimates and compare before choosing.
  • Save All Receipts and Document Everything – When filing a claim, you will often have to sign a “Proof of Loss” document prior to settling any claim. Make sure you obtain receipts for all repairs and transactions and document all calls.

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Property Damage Insurance Claims Attorneys

If you have suffered loss and damages due to Hurricane Irma, and your insurance company is delaying, minimizing or denying your claims, it is important to seek legal consultation to protect your rights. The attorneys at Goldstein, Buckley, Cechman, Rice and Purtz have over 5 decades of experience dealing with insurance companies and property damage claims. We are here to fight for you and make sure that you receive proper compensation for your loss. We have six locations across Southwest Florida. Our offices are in Fort Myers (2 to serve you), Naples, Lehigh Acres, Cape Coral and Port Charlotte. Call the office located nearest you and set up your appointment for a free consultation. Justice Starts Now.