Head-On Collision

Head-On Collision Accident Attorney Fort Myers

A Head-On auto collision is when the front of one motor vehicle strikes the front of another motor vehicle.  Head-On auto collisions are one of the most serious motor vehicle accidents and they often result in severe injuries or even death.  The amount of force obtained during these types of accidents leads to the cause of such injuries.  Head-On auto collisions account for only about 2 percent of all accidents but cause around 10 percent of all auto accident fatalities.

head on collision attorney Southwest FloridaA Head-On auto collision can occur for a variety of reasons, one of the more common scenarios is when a motor vehicle crosses a centerline or median and crashes into an oncoming vehicle.  This type of auto collision can also occur when the driver of a vehicle intentionally or unintentionally goes the wrong direction down a road.  Other ways a Head-On auto collision can occur are distracted driver, (DUI) driving under the influence, passing on a two-lane road, loss of control of vehicle.

Common Injuries from Head-On Auto Collision

Although Head-On collisions are not the most common type of auto accident, when they do occur the injuries are severe or even fatal. The occupants of the motor vehicles involved in Head-On collisions can sustain head injuries, brain injuries or sometimes spinal cord damage resulting in paraplegia.  Some other injuries can be fractured bones or even internal injuries.  Depending on the type of vehicles involved (truck, car, motorcycle) and the speed of the vehicles at impact, will both play a significant role in the magnitude of the force involved.  It is important to speak with an attorney that has a strong understanding of the dynamics of Head-On collisions and how the vehicle types involved and speed/weight differentials affect the severity and types of injuries that can occur.

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