Hands-Free Device Accidents

During the holiday season, many people will upgrade their cell phones looking to get the newest technology available.  Almost all new cell phones provide the option of hands-free use, which is a feature many drivers believe is safer than handheld devices.  The use of hands-free devices while driving is even required by law in some states as an attempt to reduce distracted driving.  Unfortunately, many studies have shown that accidents have not decreased noticeably in many of the places these laws are in effect.  Hands-free devices allow you to keep two hands on the wheel while driving, however, the major concern with cell phone use while driving is mental distraction. Don't drive illegally. Use hands free devices for in car communication

Multi-Tasking while Driving

According to the National Safety Council, there are three essential requirements for driving:  Eyes on the road, Hands on the wheel and Mind on driving.  It is very difficult for our brains to multitask.  While multitasking, our brain is busy concentrating on one thing that it becomes focused upon, or misses other things going on around us.  The National Safety Council reports that the field of view narrows while talking on the phone and drivers can miss up to 50% of what is around them.  Driving takes focus.  Distracted driving causes thousands of injuries and fatalities each year.  Hands-free devices do nothing to reduce the distraction of carrying on a conversation while driving. Take the Focused Driver Challenge with the National Safety Council and pledge to drive cell free.

Consequences of Hands-Free Devices

Using a hands-free device can contribute to a car accident.  Like any kind of distracted driving, the results can be serious and sometimes life threatening.  When you are involved in an automobile accident caused by someone’s distraction due to a hands-free device, it is important to contact an experienced attorney.  Your attorney can help you get the compensation you deserve.  Compensation can include lost wages, medical bills, as well as emotional suffering.  The attorneys at Goldstein, Buckley, Cechman, Rice and Purtz have over 50 years of experience.  Call us today for a consultation.representing clients in a broad spectrum of cell phone driving cases