18Aug 2015

In the state of Florida it is common to see some type of auto accident during your daily routine of driving.  In fact, according to the Florida DMV there are more than 200,000 auto accidents every year in the state of Florida.  Being involved in an accident doesn’t always require an attorney. Many times the parties involved will have their insurance companies handle minor mishaps.  There are, however, many Fort Myers and Naples accidents where you should seek the consultation of an experienced auto accident/personal injury attorney.


Things you should think about before you call an attorney

What factual information should I gather?

  • Drivers names of all vehicles involved
  • License plate, color make and model of vehicle
  • Insurance company and policy
  • Registration information of all vehicles involved
  • Pinpoint the location of the accident

Things to take note of after an auto accident

  • Does anyone involved appear to be under the influence of drugs/alcohol?
  • Was any medical assistance needed?
  • Were any personal injuries reported?
  • What time of day and current weather conditions?
  • Were any comments made after the accident by either party involved (I was in a hurry, I was talking on my cell phone, I wasn’t paying attention, etc.)?
  • Take photographs of property damage and other road way evidence

Were the other parties involved in your Southwest Florida accident insured or uninsured?

Regardless of them being insured or uninsured you should call your own insurance company and let them know what happened.  You are under no obligation to call the other party’s insurance company.  If there is some indecision on what to do, you should seek legal advice from a professional auto accident attorney.

Should you handle your auto accident claim without legal representation?

In the event of an auto accident the answer to this is “probably not.”  Most often in minor accidents where there are no injuries, insurance companies can handle claims between both parties without any problems.  When you are injured in an accident, it’s a good idea to seek an attorney.  If you were hurt due to the accident, file a police report and contact a personal injury attorney.  Goldstein, Buckley, Cechman, Rice and Purtz will offer a free initial consultation. This will allow you the opportunity to gather some advice on your car accident or any other type of personal injury case.

07Aug 2015

As NBC-2 explains, attractive nuisances is a legal term that refers to potential hazards to children on your property. These hazards include swimming pools, trampolines, swing sets, ladders, old cars, dogs, construction waste, old appliances, etc.

In Florida, property owners are required to take reasonable steps to keep these hazardous conditions from children. Otherwise, should a child be injured on the property, the property owner could be held liable for any injuries sustained on the property under the attractive nuisance doctrine.

If you or a loved one has been injured on someone else’s property, contact one of our Southwest Florida personal injury attorneys. If you have any questions about attractive nuisances or any other legal matter, call our office at 239-334-1146.

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31Jul 2015

Is it just me, or every time the news is on does it seem to be another story concerning a bicycle accident with severe injury or death? Southwest Florida is a very attractive place to ride a bicycle because of the weather, the flat roadways, and the scenery.   The latter also makes Southwest Florida a very dangerous place to ride a bicycle. Often, tourists and other drivers do not notice bicyclists on the road whether it is because they are enjoying the scenery or, as expert witnesses in bicycle accident cases will tell you, drivers do not see bicyclists because that is not what they are looking for on the road – they are looking for other vehicles and the threats associated with them.

Bicyclists in Florida do have a right to share the road with vehicles but bicycle riders also have a duty to look out for their own safety.   Please visit these websites for more information on bicycle safety and bicycle laws:





Now, legally speaking, some important things you need to know if you are involved in a bicycle incident… Make sure that you wear a helmet. Most importantly, it helps to prevent serious head injuries, and if you do not wear a helmet and injure your head, it may limit your ability to recover ffrom that injury.   Also, if you are in a bicycle accident and are injured but are also found at fault and ticketed, please contact us immediately because we may be able to fight the ticket for you, which can help your personal injury case down the road. It is also important to know that if you are in a bicycle accident, you may have access to $10k in personal injury protection benefits for medical bills. Our law firm can easily decipher whether you have that money available for medical care.   If you are in a bicycle accident please also attempt to preserve your damaged bicycle and document the scene of the incident with photographs (including any tire marks or other road way evidence). The nature of the damage and road way evidence will help tell the story of who was at fault for the bicycle accident.

If you have been in a bicycle accident and were injured, please contact our office for a free consultation. We have six law offices located in Southwest Florida for your convenience: Fort Myers (two offices), Naples, Cape Coral, Port Charlotte, and Lehigh Acres. Call us at 239-334-1146 and let an experienced personal injury attorney talk to you about your bicycle accident.

29Jul 2015

One in 25 Americans who are hospitalized will end up getting hospital acquired infections during their stay [CDC]. Now the government is penalizing hospitals with high infection rates in an effort to reduce those odds. The program aims to reduce these rates by withholding 1% of the Medicare funding of the hospitals with the highest infection rates.

It appears no hospital is immune—big or small. Hospitals from Southwest Florida were found to be penalized for “hospital acquired conditions.” Some of the larger and most well-known hospitals in the country are found on the penalty list: George Washington University Hospital in Washington D.C., Ronald Reagan UCLA Medical Center, The Cleveland Clinic in Ohio, and even the Yale-New Haven Hospital.

This is part of a CDC ‘get tough’ approach; saying over 700,000 individuals develop hospital infections each year. Of this number, around 70,000 will die while in the hospital, according to the CDC.

While most infections are accidental and relatively harmless, some can become life-threatening. They cause death, require life-saving procedures, additional hospitalization, and additional health care costs. On top of this, there is a psychological impact, time away from loved ones, possible employment consequences, etc.

If you or a loved one has suffered hospital acquired infections due to negligence in Southwest Florida, contact our office today.

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Originally published 7/29/15 http://www.personalinjuryinfortmyers.com/hospital-acquired-infections-on-the-rise/