Many consumers are unaware of State and Federal law which protect them against unlawful and unconscionable debt collection practices.

According to a story published on November 4, 2015 on ABC News, egregious debt collection activities are so pervasive, that state and federal agencies are targeting debt collectors that abuse and harass consumers. In one case, the debt collector lied to the consumer’s elderly mother by threatening to arrest her daughter. Click HERE for the story.

What to do and NOT do if you’re being harassed by debt collectors.


  • Tell the debt collector to send an itemized bill for you to review and you will respond if necessary.
  • Tell the debt collector not to call your cell phone, not to call your friends or family and not call you at work.
  • Keep a record of calls including the time, date, number called from and to, the person calling and from what company, and notes of any conversations, especially those which included threatening or abusive language.


  • Give out bank account or credit card numbers over the telephone.
  • Be afraid to answer your phone. Debt Collectors who are not authorized to call your cell phone and do so may have to pay $ 500.00 per call.

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