Commercial Law

"commercial law", "southwest florida attorney", attorney, law, "legal representative", courtCommercial law disputes can arise anytime there is a breach of a written contract or a written agreement. A breach is when one party has promised to do something and fails to perform its required obligations. This is essentially a broken promise. Breaches include non-payment issues, lack of performance, professional malpractice, negligence, unreasonable delays in performance, and poor or unacceptable work. Civil litigation can also arise when a party fraudulently induces another to enter in a contract by misrepresenting material facts about the agreement, such a representing a car as new or never having been in an accident when it really is used with a bent frame from being in a major crash. If you purchased something and did not get what you paid for, or worked and did not get paid, let us help you recover what you are due.

Problems can often be avoided by having an attorney review a contract before you sign it. Let the commercial law attorneys at Goldstein, Buckley, Cechman, Rice & Purtz help advise you when entering into contractual agreements, whichever side of the deal you happen to be on.

We also provide specialized commercial litigation to small businesses or large corporations which require representation for the many different types of commercial disputes that can arise. We handle preparation of company and corporate governance documents, such as operating, membership, and purchase agreements, along with litigation over business disputes, often due to the lack of governance documents. Our attorneys are familiar with non-compete/non-solicitation agreements and their creation, enforcement, and defense too.

"commercial law", "southwest florida attorney", attorney, law, "legal representative", courtFlorida has a number of different business entity types to choose from. Let one of our lawyers assist you in determining whether a Limited Liability Company (LLC), S-Corporation (S-Corp), C-Corporation (C-Corp), Professional Association, Partnership, Limited Liability Partnership, Not for Profit or one of the other available entity types would best suit your needs. Often people starting a business together do not take the time to plan if they have to part ways and simply adding a buy/sell to the operating agreement can make a world of difference in how they can amicably part ways.

When parties cannot amicably resolve their disputes, we can represent them to ensure their rights are protected in mediation, arbitration and litigation. We have commercial law attorneys licensed in both Florida State and Federal courts, so we can assist you in choosing the best forum for your claim.

It is important to know that outside of small claims court, entities such as corporations or LLCs cannot represent themselves in court and must have an attorney.

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