Boating Accident Injury Fort Myers

The state of Florida has just under one million registered boats.   According to Congressional Research Service there are 1,350 miles of Florida coastline.  The beautiful weather allows for the use of boats throughout the year.  As a result of all these boats and year round usage, Florida also leads the U.S. in boating accidents every year.  Despite all of these boats on the water, Florida has some of the most relaxed requirements when it comes to qualifications for operating a boat.

Being on a boat is typically a great time.  Most people that operate a boat are responsible and follow the law.  Unfortunately, when you are on the water there is a small margin of error.  Boating accidents can result in serious injuries and even death.  Many of these injuries and deaths are the result of another person’s negligence.

Causes of Boating Accidents

boat accidentThere are many reasons that boating accidents happen.  Sometimes a boat operator fails to take into consideration the weather.  Other times alcohol or drugs come into play.  Occasionally people are just not paying attention.  The operator of the boat is not always the party responsible for boating accidents.  There are situations where the boat itself is defective.  Regardless of how a boating accident occurred, a skilled attorney can help you determine who is responsible.

How Boating Accidents are Different

Boating accidents have a different set of laws than accidents that take place on land.  There are different filing deadlines and pleading requirements for boating accidents.  Another difference in how your claim will be treated is if you are a guest or employee on the boat.    While not all cases are going to be the same, you may be entitled medical bills, lost wages as well as pain and suffering.

The road to recovery after a boating accident can be long and challenging.  It is important that the proper authorities are notified and your medical needs are addressed.  When you are involved in a boating accident you should not talk about the accident with anybody other that your own attorney.

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