Bicycle Safety

Be a good Roll Model with bicycle safetyBicycle safety should not be overlooked by bicyclists and drivers sharing the roads. May is Bicycle Safety Month, however with Florida’s subtropical climate, bicycling takes place year-round. In 2013 alone, 743 cyclists suffered fatalities, and an additional 48,000 cyclists were injured in crashes (U.S.D.O.T. Traffic Safety Marketing).

The Evergreen Campaign Material for Bicycle Safety encourages drivers and bicyclists to be a good “Roll Model.”

How to be a Good “Roll Model”

  • Ride/Drive Focused – Avoid Distractions
  • Be prepared and expect the unexpected
  • Safety First – Helmets and seatbelts are musts
  • Know the rules – Bicycles are considered vehicles with rights and responsibilities just as other vehicles
  • Share the Road – Be on the lookout for others and show respect for drivers and bicyclists alike

It goes without saying that riding a bicycle can be a dangerous task if you are not prepared and paying attention. For more information on bicycle safety visit Kids and Bicycle Safety.

Safety Tips

  • Always wear a helmet – The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration provides tips on how to properly fit children for helmet size
  • Check your bicycle before riding – Tire pressure, bike height, brake function etc.
  • Ride with 2 hands on your bicycle and always maintain visibility
  • Watch for upcoming hazards and avoid riding a bicycle at night
  • Be alert for other vehicles, pedestrians, and animals

In 2014, 2% of all motor vehicle fatalities were bicyclists (NHTSA). According to the NHTSA, wearing brightly colored or fluorescent clothing will increase cyclists’ visibility. Additionally, having a reflector and a flashing light will also help ensure safer cycling should you choose to cycle at night.

While following the above safety tips will help ensure safer cycling, there is no way to completely eliminate the risks involved in riding a bicycle. If you or someone you know has been injured while riding a bicycle it is important you know who to call.

Who to Call

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