ATV Accident – Fort Myers, Florida

Southwest Florida with its forested and sandy and dirt areas and beautiful weather are perfect for outdoor activities year round.  This combination of great weather and pristine terrain create an environment ideal for off-roading activities involving ATV’s.  The vast majority of days spent on an ATV tend to be exciting and safe but unfortunate accidents can happen.

Where to ATV in SW Florida

ATV accidents can lead to many legal issuesThere are many places in southwest Florida to safely operate an ATV.  Many people like to use their ATV on private property.  Private property tends to allow the most freedom for ATV operators.  There are also designated off-road courses and trails for the public to bring their ATV.  Many times there is a fee associated with this type of activity.  The main benefits of using a designated land for your ATV is properly groomed trails and specific terrain you may be seeking.

Who can be a victim of an ATV accident?

Many of the personal injury cases that involve ATV’s have multiple victims.  These victims can include the driver, passenger as well as spectators.  When an off-road accident occurs it is important to determine who is at fault.  Sometimes the ATV is defective and the manufacturer or other party may be responsible for the ATV accident.  Other times it can be the driver who operated the ATV in an unsafe or reckless manner.  Occasionally a passenger or spectator can be found liable for an ATV accident.  Sometimes the owner of the land the ATV was being operated on allowed for hazardous conditions that contribute to the ATV accident.

When there are ATV accidents there are often issues with insurance coverage.  Your attorneys can help to determine if there is insurance coverage that will pay for your lost wages, pain and suffering and medical bills.

What to do after an ATV accidentrepresenting clients in a broad spectrum of cases

ATV accidents can cause catastrophic injuries.  Many of these cases involve spinal injuries as well as brain damage and sometimes even death.  It is important that you be compensated for your medical injuries, lost wages, as well as pain and suffering.  Because of the severity of the accident it is critical you have a firm that has experience with ATV accidents.  At Goldstein, Buckley, Cechman, Rice and Purtz our experienced team in these type of cases is here to help you.  Contact us today.