Is it just me, or every time the news is on does it seem to be another story concerning a bicycle accident with severe injury or death? Southwest Florida is a very attractive place to ride a bicycle because of the weather, the flat roadways, and the scenery.   The latter also makes Southwest Florida a very dangerous place to ride a bicycle. Often, tourists and other drivers do not notice bicyclists on the road whether it is because they are enjoying the scenery or, as expert witnesses in bicycle accident cases will tell you, drivers do not see bicyclists because that is not what they are looking for on the road – they are looking for other vehicles and the threats associated with them.

Bicyclists in Florida do have a right to share the road with vehicles but bicycle riders also have a duty to look out for their own safety.   Please visit these websites for more information on bicycle safety and bicycle laws:

Now, legally speaking, some important things you need to know if you are involved in a bicycle incident… Make sure that you wear a helmet. Most importantly, it helps to prevent serious head injuries, and if you do not wear a helmet and injure your head, it may limit your ability to recover ffrom that injury.   Also, if you are in a bicycle accident and are injured but are also found at fault and ticketed, please contact us immediately because we may be able to fight the ticket for you, which can help your personal injury case down the road. It is also important to know that if you are in a bicycle accident, you may have access to $10k in personal injury protection benefits for medical bills. Our law firm can easily decipher whether you have that money available for medical care.   If you are in a bicycle accident please also attempt to preserve your damaged bicycle and document the scene of the incident with photographs (including any tire marks or other road way evidence). The nature of the damage and road way evidence will help tell the story of who was at fault for the bicycle accident.

If you have been in a bicycle accident and were injured, please contact our office for a free consultation. We have six law offices located in Southwest Florida for your convenience: Fort Myers (two offices), Naples, Cape Coral, Port Charlotte, and Lehigh Acres. Call us at 239-334-1146 and let an experienced personal injury attorney talk to you about your bicycle accident.